BA/DOT/Air Berlin | A320/ATR72/Q400 | LHR-STR/NUE-DUS-STN

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For quite a while now, I’d wanted to give Air Berlin a try. Due to the fact they’re in the One World alliance, it seemed the time was right to give them a try as I had recently acquired British Airways silver / One World Sapphire status. However the task would prove a little difficult due to the fact they only serve London Stansted airport – which is possibly the furthest of the London airports from me, meaning I would not only have to travel up to London, but travel across it and then take another train for an hour or so to get to the airport itself. This coupled with the fact that quite a few AB flights leave early in the morning meant flying them on an outbound sector would be a little awkward to say the least. Therefore I looked at flying them on a return sector from Germany. A destination that AB served in Germany that looked pretty interesting to me was Nuremberg. I studied dates in July and on the weekend of the 27th/28th, they had a NUE-DUS-STN sector on a pair of Q400’s for just £60, versus around £100 for all the other weekends in July and August. Without much hesitation, I booked.
 photo abtick.jpg
Now I needed to sort out how I would get to Nuremberg. As there are only limited flights from the London area (Ryanair from STN and CityJet from LCY) I had to look at other options. Sure I could have gone with either of those two airlines, but where would be the fun in that. I checked out Lufthansa, but their prices were pretty ridiculous.
 photo lhexpensive.png
Next up was BA. I looked to see if there were any reward seats available to STR, FRA, MUC, and ZRH… basically anywhere within a reasonable train journey of Nuremberg but no luck there.
 photo bafail.png
So in the end I parted with some of my hard earned cash to fly to Stuttgart – another new airport on my growing list.
I linked Stuttgart and Nuremberg with a pretty cheap ticket on the DB.
 photo GERTRAIN.png
A few weeks prior to departure, I decided to check the seat maps on Despite showing as a pair of Q400’s as expected, there were two different seat maps. Upon checking the checkmytrip app, it confirmed that I would instead be on an ATR72. This suited me as I hadn’t been on anything by ATR before.
 photo 31abe0ea-fd0d-46e2-8b7a-11906ca93263.jpg
Check in for the BA flight was made the day before departure on my phone from work on the sly.
 photo Screenshot_2013-07-26-08-10-18.png
 photo Screenshot_2013-07-26-08-11-30.png

Hopefully the cabin stays this empty.

 photo Screenshot_2013-07-26-08-12-33.png
And then I checked in for the first of my two Air Berlin flights via their pretty easy to use website once I had got home.
 photo ABSEATS.png
 photo ABCHECKIN.png
 photo ABBP.png
Once again, I managed to convince a friend that it would be a good idea to give me a lift to the airport – therefore giving me a bit more time in the lounge for breakfast. We set of at around 6AM, arriving at just past 06:15.
 photo Ger003.jpg
 photo Ger004.jpg
 photo Ger001.jpg
 photo Ger002.jpg
I made my way to check in to grab a souvenir boarding pass and made my way through security, where a family of Americans walked into the automated gates then proceeded to faff around for their boarding passes, holding everybody up.
 photo Ger005.jpg
Once through, I made my way up to the South lounge for a bit of breakfast. I’d like to say I was welcomed back, but that wasn’t really the case like it was before – maybe it was too early for them?
 photo Ger006.jpg
 photo Ger007.jpg
 photo Ger017.jpg
 photo Ger015.jpg
 photo Ger008.jpg
 photo Ger009.jpg
 photo Ger010.jpg
 photo Ger011.jpg
 photo Ger012.jpg
 photo Ger016.jpg
 photo Ger018.jpg
Once I had my fill of the South lounge, I decided to head up to the North lounge. I hadn’t planned on this, but as I had arrived earlier than expected, I figured I could take a walk up there anyway. I did consider heading over to the lounge in T5B, but not being 100% sure of the way back, or how long it would take I decided against it. I much prefer the South lounge to the North however.
 photo Ger020.jpg
 photo Ger028.jpg
 photo Ger022.jpg

Quite a few charters today – the first Saturday of the Summer Holidays.

 photo Ger023.jpg
Pretty much as soon as I arrived gate A10 was announced. I still took a seat and watched a few of the arrivals though.
 photo Ger024.jpg
 photo Ger025.jpg
 photo Ger026.jpg
 photo Ger027.jpg
At 07:30, I made my way down the escalator to the gate, where boarding was already in progress.
 photo Ger029.jpg
 photo Ger030.jpg
As it was at ground level I came to the conclusion that we would be heading off from a remote stand. I bypassed the queue by using the fast track, ruffling a few feathers in the process – “Erm… there’s a queue here” and “Mr. I’m too important to wait in line” were a couple of comments that I heard. OK, well maybe if you shell out a fair few pounds to fly many times a year and gain a bit of status and/or fly in Club, you’ll get to jump the queue too – until then, shut up!
 photo Ger031.jpg

The priority line was the empty area towards the left of the main queue

It was then on to a bus for a tour of T5B, and then making our way out to the remote stands past T5C. Once there, G-EUUC was waiting.
 photo Ger032.jpg
I made my way on board, and an announcement was made that the flight was to be pretty full… at least in Euro Traveller as it turned out.
 photo BAlogo.jpg
27th July 2013
A320-232 / G-EUUC
Seat: 2F / Club Europe
Scheduled: 08:10/10:45
Off Stand: 08:12
On Stand: 10:52

 photo Ger033.jpg
 photo Ger034.jpg
 photo Ger036.jpg
 photo Ger037.jpg
It was amusing how many people thought that they could just sit themselves down in the Club section – I witnessed at least three, only to be moved on, including a mother and a young child who proceeded to climb all over the seats (the child, not the mother) . There were also the comments of people passing through ranging from, “Wow there’s actually room for your legs – how spacious”, to “all you get is proper cutlery, what’s the point”. Pretty vocal bunch on today’s flight – or maybe it was the same people from earlier that had finally made it through the queue that I had allegedly jumped.
 photo Ger035.jpg

This one brought me back from ATL in April.

Boarding was completed and the doors were closed at 08:05. It might have been a full flight at the back, but there were just four of us in Club – so the seatmap from online check in was indeed accurate. Hot towels were handed out shortly after.
 photo Ger038.jpg
 photo Ger039.jpg

Never noticed the in seat power until now.

 photo Ger040.jpg

The 787 that caught fire in July. It’s still there as I type this in early October

We pushed back a minute or two behind schedule, and made a slow taxi over to 09R.
 photo Ger041.jpg
 photo Ger042.jpg
 photo Ger043.jpg
 photo Ger044.jpg
 photo Ger045.jpg

Spot the intruder…

Takeoff was at 08:35 into some very clear skies.
 photo Ger046.jpg
 photo Ger047.jpg
 photo Ger048.jpg
 photo Ger049.jpg
 photo Ger051.jpg
 photo Ger052.jpg
 photo Ger053.jpg
 photo Ger054.jpg

Passing Biggin Hill

It wasn’t too long however before there was a total white out.
 photo Ger055.jpg
 photo Ger056.jpg
 photo Ger057.jpg
Shortly after the breakfast service was started. Due to the light load in Club, there wasn’t a trolley in sight – the purser brought every tray around by hand, and also came around and took drink orders before delivering them on a tray. Great personalized service once again from BA – much like my last experience in Club World back in December to Larnaca.
 photo Ger060.jpg
 photo Ger061.jpg
 photo Ger063.jpg
 photo Ger065.jpg
I noticed during the flight a pretty constant stream of Y passengers heading through the curtain to use the washroom at the front of the cabin. Interesting how the purser seemed to allow this on this flight, yet on my flight from LGW-AGP last year, one person tried it and was quite assertively sent back. I guess there’s no official policy on this, it’s just down to crew preference. The only time it bothered me is when I wanted to go and I had to wait, despite the other four passengers in Club being in their seats.
 photo Ger066.jpg
Just as I was finishing breakfast, our initial descent started. For the rest of the flight, I took advantage of the fact there wasn’t anybody in the seat behind, put my seat into full recline and watched the German landscape below me. I was actually impressed at how far the seat reclined actually, although it was a little worn – as soon as I sat up, so did the seat! Also, when I put the magazines, safety card etc. back in the seatback pocket, they fell straight out of the bottom of it. Bit of a refurb needed I think.
 photo Ger067.jpg
 photo Ger068.jpg
 photo Ger069.jpg
 photo Ger070.jpg
Shortly after the captain was on the PA giving a very short update – saying it was a very nice day with no clouds or wind, and that we will be arriving on schedule. We flew past STR before turning 180 degrees on to final, hearing the autopilot disengage on short finals.
 photo Ger081.jpg
 photo Ger072.jpg
 photo Ger073.jpg
 photo Ger074.jpg
 photo Ger075.jpg
 photo Ger076.jpg
 photo Ger077.jpg
 photo Ger082.jpg
 photo Ger085.jpg
We landed pretty much on time and made our way over to the stand after a very relaxed hour and twenty minutes. We pulled in alongside an albino A319.
 photo Ger086.jpg
 photo Ger087.jpg
 photo Ger088.jpg
 photo Ger091.jpg
Once on stand, there was a wait for a couple of minutes before a knock on the door, and everybody was able to disembark.
 photo Ger103.jpg
It was then through to passport control. I asked for a stamp in my passport and this was met with a bit of a huff and a few words in German – not that I understood any of them. I was eventually given what I had asked for though.
 photo Ger104.jpg
Once through customs, I was met in arrivals by fellow trip reporter Markus (Flieger67). He took me on a tour of the terminal before heading out to the car and driving me to the local spotting area, over the other side of the runway.
 photo Ger105.jpg
 photo Ger092.jpg
 photo Ger093.jpg
 photo Ger094.jpg
 photo Ger095.jpg
 photo Ger096.jpg

The albino jet departed in the opposite direction to the rest of the movements.

 photo Ger097.jpg
 photo Ger098.jpg
 photo Ger099.jpg
 photo Ger100.jpg
 photo Ger101.jpg
After around thirty minutes, Markus was kind enough to drive me into the city. Thanks Markus, and great to meet you!
As I still had over an hour until my train, I had time to look around central Stuttgart.
 photo Ger106.jpg
 photo Ger107.jpg
 photo Ger108.jpg
 photo Ger109.jpg
 photo Ger110.jpg
 photo Ger111.jpg

This went down a treat considering the temperature was well into the 30’s.

 photo Ger112.jpg
 photo Ger113.jpg
 photo Ger115.jpg
Around half an hour before my train was due to depart I took the walk back in the direction of the HBF. As it turned out, my train was delayed by fifteen minutes… Well it wouldn’t be one of my trip reports without some sort of delay involved!
 photo Ger114.jpg
After a few moments the train did pull in – and it was baking on board. Either German trains don’t have air conditioning or it just wasn’t working on this train. It turned out to be the latter. We then set off in the direction or Nuremberg.
 photo Ger119.jpg
 photo Ger122.jpg
 photo Ger123.jpg
 photo Ger117.jpg
 photo Ger118.jpg
Around an hour or so into the train ride, some water was brought around.
 photo Ger120.jpg
Weather this is standard practice or just because it was so hot, I don’t know. Either way things were becoming pretty unpleasant for everybody on board. I did try and move, but the other carriage was completely full and I was stopped from entering any of the others for some reason – so just had to put up with the heat.
 photo Screenshot_2013-07-27-15-30-40.png
I decided to have some recently purchased chocolate with the water…
 photo Ger121.jpg
…although it appeared to have turned to liquid already. Instead I had some crisps that I’d borrowed form the lounge.
After a very uncomfortable two and a half hours or so, the train arrived in Nuremberg. I remember reading about Hannah’s flying sauna. Well this was a sauna on rails. On the plus side, it did actually make the temperature outside seem quite reasonable. As I was making my way out of the stifling carriage, I saw the guard fixing this sticker to the door.
 photo Ger126.jpg

No sh…

 photo Ger127.jpg
Upon arrival in Nuremberg, I made the short walk to my hotel, the NH. I was hoping to cool off a bit, but the Air Conditioning in my room wasn’t overly effective either.
 photo Ger147.jpg
 photo Ger124.jpg
 photo Ger125.jpg
I spent an hour or so attempting to cool down whilst watching the end of a film on TV and then took a walk around the city. There was a great atmosphere in town with bands playing on pretty much every corner and people just having a good time in general.
 photo Ger128.jpg
 photo Ger129.jpg
 photo Ger130.jpg
 photo Ger131.jpg
 photo Ger132.jpg
 photo Ger133.jpg
 photo Ger134.jpg
 photo Ger135.jpg
 photo Ger136.jpg
 photo Ger137.jpg
 photo Ger138.jpg
 photo Ger140.jpg
 photo Ger141.jpg
 photo Ger142.jpg
 photo Ger143.jpg
 photo Ger144.jpg
Along the way I stopped for a very German dinner. The sausage’s and beer were good, although the sauerkraut didn’t float my boat.
 photo Ger139.jpg
 photo Ger145.jpg
I then headed off in the direction of the hotel, stopping for quite a while to watch Nuremberg’s finest Arctic Monkeys tribute act.
 photo Ger146.jpg
After a few hours walking, I reluctantly headed back to my hotel for the night. I wanted to stay out longer, however my feet were telling me otherwise! Unfortunately the air-conditioning still wasn’t working all that effectively in my room, so not much opportunity to cool down other than to take a cold shower.
The next morning, I was awoken by my alarm at 07:30, and I made my way to the station in order to catch the U-Bahn to the flughafen, arriving at just past 08:30.
 photo Ger151.jpg
 photo Ger148.jpg
 photo Ger152.jpg
 photo Ger153.jpg
 photo Ger157.jpg
 photo Ger158.jpg
I made my way around to the Air Berlin check in area where I was met with a huge queue.
 photo Ger159.jpg
Luckily, there was a priority lane nearby.
 photo Ger161.jpg
I remember from reading Gabriel’s report earlier in the year that the lounge here in NUE was a self-service affair, so I made a point if asking if there was any lounge access here. The guy said he would have to check, and asked what the card was that I had given to him. He pulled out a folder with pictures of all the One World status cards, then spotted mine and attached a sticker to the back of my boarding pass. He gave me directions to the lounge, wished me a pleasant journey and with that I went on my way.
 photo barcode.jpg
 photo Ger162.jpg
 photo Ger163.jpg
I headed through security, which was through some corridors that were half inside half outside… It’s difficult to explain! Looked a bit WIP though.
 photo Ger164.jpg
Then it was past a few bus gates – strange how they would have gates before security? Unless they’re no longer used of course.
Security was painless. I was asked if I had a laptop… No, but I have an iPad – that’s fine, leave it in the bag. Anything in your pockets? Yes, in the box. I set of the metal detector, and unlike at Heathrow yesterday, I was able to leave my shoes on, and they just waved their magic wand over me. Simple. I took a walk through the concourse as I made my way down to the lounge.
 photo Ger165.jpg
 photo Ger149.jpg
 photo Ger150.jpg
 photo Ger167.jpg
 photo Ger168.jpg

Not much happening here for a while yet.

 photo Ger169.jpg
 photo Ger170.jpg
It reminded me a little of the Flybe lounge at BHD I visited last year, only smaller and unstaffed. Still, it was a decent enough place to wait for the next hour or so. There were two other people in here, who headed off to catch the KLM flight around fifteen minutes later. So as I had the place to myself, I got a bit camera happy.
 photo Ger166.jpg
 photo Ger154.jpg
 photo Ger155.jpg
 photo Ger156.jpg
 photo Ger160.jpg
 photo Ger171.jpg
 photo Ger172.jpg
 photo Ger173.jpg
 photo Ger174.jpg
 photo Ger175.jpg
 photo Ger176.jpg
 photo Ger177.jpg

Good view, although not much to be seen.

At around boarding time, I left the lounge as I fancied a change of scenery. Although I saw online that the inbound aircraft was a little late, so boarding was still a few moments away.
Once boarding was called, at 11AM, I made my way down to the bus.
 photo Ger191.jpg
I hung around as the bus emptied in order to grab a few pictures of this ATR. Interestingly, this was one of the rare ATR’s that had boarding by the front door, rather than having a cargo hold there. Shame, as I fancied boarding via the rear and being seated towards the front.
 photo DOTlogo.jpg
28th July 2013
Seat: 6A / Economy
Scheduled: 11:10/12:10
Off Stand: 11:30
On Stand: 12:38

 photo Ger178.jpg
 photo Ger195.jpg
 photo Ger197.jpg
Once on board, I took my assigned seat. It turns out I picked perfectly – right next to the prop! I didn’t have a seat mate on this sector.
 photo Ger199.jpg
 photo Ger179.jpg
 photo Ger180.jpg
 photo Ger181.jpg
There were three crew on board today – two from DAT (or DOT) and a singe representative from Air Berlin. Plus another guy in Air Berlin uniform who was just a passenger hitching a lift.
There was a bit of a wait while the final checks were completed, but the engines were finally started and we pulled away at 11:30. No word from the flight crew or a flight time was given. It was a pretty quick taxi over to the active, passing an AB 737 in the One World scheme and a World MD11 on the cargo ramp. At 11:35, we took to the sky.
 photo Ger183.jpg
 photo Ger186.jpg
 photo Ger187.jpg
 photo Ger188.jpg
No less than ten minutes after departure, the service began – which surprised me as I wasn’t expecting anything on this sector, and I was led to believe that AB were a LCC – at least back in the old days anyway. The two DAT (or DOT) crew members dished out the drinks while the Air Berlin member did the snacks. The choice was between some chocolate biscuits or ‘something salty’. I took my chances with the ‘something salty’ option and ended up with something that was very salty, and almost teeth breakingly hard. The juice was ok though.
 photo Ger190.jpg
The rest of the flight was spent watching the clouds and listening to the whine of the prop next to me.
 photo Ger192.jpg
 photo Ger194.jpg
Eventually, the flight deck did get in touch – stating that this flight was operated by Danish Air Transport (really, or was it DOT?), this was an ATR72 aircraft, we were flying at 6000 meters and we were due into Dusseldorf at 12:35. Descent started and we made our way down into a cloudy DUS, landing at 12:35. We rolled out to the end of the runway and pulled on to stand within a couple of minutes.
 photo Ger206.jpg
 photo Ger209.jpg
 photo Ger207.jpg
 photo Ger210.jpg
As I exited, the Air Berlin crew member handed everybody a chocolate heart. Nice touch.
 photo Ger233.jpg
It was then on to a bus to the terminal.
 photo Ger229.jpg
 photo Ger232.jpg
As there was a viewing terrace here, I decided to go landside and take a look at that for half an hour or so as well as taking a look at the other side of DUS that I missed on my visit last October due to having a tight connection.
 photo Ger234.jpg
 photo Ger236.jpg
 photo Ger237.jpg
 photo Ger238.jpg
 photo Ger211.jpg
 photo Ger212.jpg
On the way up, it was through a row of travel agents – interesting how I’ve only seen this in Germany. Frankfurt also has a similar area.
 photo Ger242.jpg
 photo Ger243.jpg
At the end, there was a toll both and I pad the entry fee before going on to the pretty big observation deck.
 photo Ger215.jpg
 photo Ger213.jpg
 photo Ger214.jpg

The prop that had just brought me here looking pretty lonely.

 photo Ger216.jpg
 photo Ger218.jpg
 photo Ger230.jpg
 photo Ger219.jpg
 photo Ger221.jpg
 photo Ger223.jpg
The main attraction of the day it seemed then arrived.
 photo Ger224.jpg
 photo Ger226.jpg
 photo Ger227.jpg
 photo Ger228.jpg
 photo Ger231.jpg
Once I was done there, I headed back through security. There was a fast track lane that I was able to use, and I’m ashamed to say I was the one who slowed things down today. I’d forgotten some loose change in my pocket – oops.
Once through, it was up to the second lounge of the day, the Hugo Junkers lounge. Or was it the entrance to the washroom?
 photo Ger247.jpg
 photo Ger248.jpg
I was swiped in with a smile and I grabbed some lunch. It wasn’t a bad lounge – better than the one in Nice, but the selection of food wasn’t quite as good as the one in Nuremberg earlier – just a few sandwiches and a couple of hot items. It was also pretty busy. On the plus side, the view was good. I spent the next hour or so abusing the sandwiches, meatballs and Haribo on offer whilst watching the Hungarian GP.
 photo Ger250.jpg
 photo Ger251.jpg
 photo Ger252.jpg
 photo Ger253.jpg
 photo Ger254.jpg
 photo Ger255.jpg
 photo Ger240.jpg
 photo Ger241.jpg
 photo Ger244.jpg

The views were decent.

 photo Ger259.jpg
 photo Ger245.jpg
 photo Ger249.jpg
I decided to leave the lounge at just after 3pm as I had developed a bit of a headache. And I was also feeling a little full after all the food I had eaten! After a brief wander through the B pier, I headed through passport control. Prematurely, as there was absolutely nothing beyond it. Luckily there were a couple of windows.
 photo Ger262.jpg
 photo Ger264.jpg
 photo Ger256.jpg
 photo Ger257.jpg
 photo Ger271.jpg

Must mean boarding is near

Boarding was called at 15:40. Being in the right place, I was called forward and I was the first on to the bus – therefore grabbing a seat with a good view.
 photo Ger272.jpg
 photo Ger273.jpg

I’m quite a fan of these banana jets.

 photo Ger274.jpg
 photo Ger280.jpg

Good view from the bus.

We made our way around to the remote stands where a lone Dash 8 was waiting. In fact, it had been there the whole time, as I had spotted it from the terrace earlier.
 photo Ger282.jpg
I made my way on board and took my assigned seat of 7A – once again, right next to the prop. Although credit for this seat assignment has to go to the check in agent back in Nuremberg.
 photo ABlogo.jpg
28th July 2013
Dash 8 Q400 / D-ABQH
Seat: 7A / Economy
Scheduled: 15:55/16:15
Off Stand: 16:10
On Stand: 16:28

 photo Ger284.jpg
 photo Ger260.jpg
 photo Ger261.jpg
 photo Ger286.jpg
 photo Ger287.jpg
I did initially have a seat mate – a teenage boy who took up far too much space for my liking, however once the boarding complete announcement was given, he moved to he free row in front – meaning that for the third flight this weekend, I’d end up with a free seat next to me.
The captain informed of a flight time of an hour – five minutes less than my NUE-DUS sector earlier today.
The engines were started and we made our way out to the active where we had to wait for three departing CRJ’s and a few arrivals. Eventually though we powered down the runway, passing downtown Dusseldorf of the left hand side.
 photo Ger265.jpg
 photo Ger266.jpg
 photo Ger268.jpg
 photo Ger269.jpg
Once we had reached our cruising altitude the service began, and the friendly crew dished out the same savory snack as on the NUE-DUS leg or a Mars bar. As the salty snack on the previous sector almost broke my teeth, I elected the Mars bar this time around, although still feeling full from my binge in the lounge, it went straight into my bag.
 photo Ger277.jpg
 photo Ger276.jpg
Once the rubbish had been cleared, the crew came through the cabin offering tickets for the Stansted express. I already had a train ticket for my journey home however.
 photo Ger279.jpg
 photo Ger283.jpg
 photo Ger285.jpg
Just as this was occurring, the nose dipped, the engines got quieter and we headed back down to earth, crossing into the UK at a pretty low altitude and passing through a pretty localized rainstorm on short finals.
 photo Ger288.jpg

Its only from this angle do you realize how close the UK and France really are.

The seatbelt sign then came on and the crew disappeared.
 photo Ger289.jpg
 photo Ger290.jpg
 photo Ger291.jpg
 photo Ger293.jpg
 photo Ger294.jpg
Landing was made at 16:25, and we made a reasonably quick taxi over to a satellite terminal. A few moments later we were off and through to arrivals.
 photo Ger298.jpg
 photo Ger301.jpg
 photo Ger299.jpg
 photo Ger300.jpg
 photo Ger303.jpg

Not a view you get every day. Unless you’re a dispatcher.

It was through a few corridors before making my way on to the shuttle over to the main terminal, passing the Ryanair farm on the way.
 photo Ger304.jpg
 photo Ger305.jpg
 photo Ger306.jpg

First sign of STN’s new owner (MAG)

 photo Ger307.jpg
I used my E-passport to bypass most of the queues, most from FR flights unsurprisingly, and then I made my way downstairs to the Stansted express.
 photo Ger308.jpg
 photo Ger309.jpg
 photo Ger310.jpg
 photo Ger312.jpg
It was then on to Liverpool Street, arriving around fifty minutes later – easy enough.
 photo Ger313.jpg
 photo Ger311.jpg
Then onto the Underground to Waterloo. Easy enough in theory. But as the northern line was closed, and there weren’t any announcements on the train, this made the journey more complicated, due to getting off the Central line train twice unnecessarily.
 photo Ger314.jpg
I eventually made it to Waterloo, and pretty much straight on to a train home, arriving around twenty-five minutes later.
 photo Ger315.jpg
So, BA was pretty much as usual really, although the light load in Club made things a little more personalized. T5 seemed to cope well with the extra traffic the school holidays brought on.
Air Berlin was a big surprise. I had pretty low expectations if I’m honest, but I found they were actually good. The chocolate hearts upon leaving them on both flights were a great touch – and very good chocolate too. Just a shame I seemed to be the only person that took one! I’d like to say I’d use them again, but the fact they use Stansted, which is probably the most difficult of the London airports for me to reach, says its probably unlikely – at least on flights from the UK. The problem with using them to the UK is that they nearly always throw up BA codeshares so I’ll have to get pretty creative with the routings if I were to use them in the future!
 photo Ger317.jpg

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