photo map.gif
And just the Canadian sectors:
 photo map-2.gif
Maps generated by theGreat Circle Mapper -copyright © Karl L. Swartz.
Thanks for taking a look at yet another one of my reports. This time I will be heading off across the Atlantic for the second time in 2014, but unlike on my previous journey I’ll be heading to Canada, a country I’ve not visited for a good fifteen years. Putting my newly acquired British Airways Gold Status to good use, I ideally wanted to use them for the Trans Atlantic sectors. Prices weren’t too bad over the busy Christmas and New Year break. The best part however was that on the return, World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy) was just thirty pounds more than World Traveller (Economy).
 photo YYZWTP.png
Also, the later BA departure from YYZ had recently been swapped from the 747-400 to the 777-300ER, meaning that by the time I took the flight I would have been on every type in the BA fleet (minus the A318, which isn’t technically operated by BA anyway – at least not in 2014).
 photo YYZitin.png
Strangely, after booking I was asked to pay to reserve a seat.
 photo YYZseatsfail.png
It turned out to be just a bug in the system though, as once I exited and returned to MMB, everything was in order.
 photo YYZSeats.png
As I wanted to visit Montreal, a couple of Canadian domestics were in order. These were booked on Air Canada and Porter Airlines respectively for around £60 each.
 photo PDitin.png
During OLCI, the following offers were available.
 photo upgrade.png
I was very tempted, however I figured the reason why they were so desperate to try and sell the upgrades (the prices had been reduced by £50 in the week leading up to the flight) was because the flights were pretty full. I eventually decided to call their bluff and not bother buying them. I figured my status meant I’d be towards the top of the operational upgrade list anyway, and if not I was happy enough with the cabin I’d booked into anyway – especially as I’d not travelled in BA’s World Traveller cabin since early 1997 – so was keen to see what t was like these days.
On the day of departure, it would be the 08:50 coach to Heathrow.
 photo IMG_0632.jpg
Upon arrival I made my way over to the First check in area where there was a bit of a queue, but I was still seen within a few moments.
 photo IMG_0642.jpg
 photo IMG_0638.jpg
 photo IMG_0640.jpg
I then headed through the new T5 fast track – it was a little quicker but no too much, before heading up to the galleries first lounge for some breakfast.
 photo IMG_0646.jpg
 photo _MG_7995.jpg
Once I’d finished eating, I made my way outside to the terrace area which was much quieter and provided a good view of what was going on outside.
 photo _MG_8004.jpg
 photo _MG_8000.jpg
A couple more views of the T5 Galleries First lounge:
 photo _MG_8005.jpg
 photo _MG_8006.jpg
After around an hour or so, gate B36 was displayed, so I headed over to T5B.
 photo IMG_0658.jpg
 photo IMG_0661.jpg
 photo _MG_8008.jpg
 photo IMG_0663.jpg
Upon entering the lounge at T5B, I was told that “Unfortunately I had been upgraded to World Traveller Plus”. Well if you insist… The downside of this however was that I’d now been dumped right in the middle of the cabin. I did ask if there were any window seats available but I was told the flight was completely full. That would explain the upgrade then. And I’d saved £168 in the process. I stayed in the lounge for around half an hour or so.
 photo IMG_0665.jpg
Before heading down to the gate. As I arrived, boarding was being called. As I made my way down, I was singled out for a thorough search – and for the first time ever I was asked to power up all my electronic devices. The lounge agent who gave me the upgrade mentioned that my seat was a front bulkhead row seat. As I knew row 12 was at the rear of the cabin on the 787, and there was a 747 parked up on stand B36 I figured there had been a last minute change of plane.
 photo _MG_8010.jpg
However at the very last moment, it was downstairs to a waiting bus, and a long journey over to the far side of T5C, where G-ZBJB was waiting patiently. This now meant I’d been on G-ZBJA, B and C.
 photo IMG_0670.jpg
 photo IMG_0673.jpg
 photo BAlogo.jpg
December 2014
Boeing 787-8/ G-ZBJB
Seat: 26K / World Traveller
Seat: 12E / World Traveller Plus
Scheduled: 12:30/15:25
Off Stand: 12:30
On Stand: 15:16

I took my seat, and as expected the cabin was full.
 photo IMG_0679.jpg
There didn’t appear to be any other solo travellers either so no opportunity to pester somebody for a seat swap. Menus and welcome drinks were handed out.
 photo IMG_0680.jpg
 photo IMG_0682.jpg
The captain announced a flying time of seven hours and fifteen minutes. We pushed back exactly on schedule and made the journey over to 27R, which I was abe to follow on the sky map but not much else.
 photo IMG_0687.jpg
We lifted off into some cloudy skies and appeared to be making our way up north.
 photo _MG_8012.jpg
After departure, hot towels were given out.
 photo IMG_0693.jpg
As I couldn’t really pay much attention to what was going on outside, I put Curb Your Enthusiasm on the IFE a few moments later.
 photo _MG_8013.jpg
Around thirty minutes after departure, the first drinks run began. I ordered a G&T, and doubles were dished up without prompting.
 photo _MG_8014.jpg
A few moments later however, there was some pretty strong turbulence – so strong in fact that the crew were told to halt service and take their seats. Lunch was served just over an hour after takeoff. I chose the beef.
 photo _MG_8015.jpg
 photo _MG_8016.jpg
It wasn’t the worst meal I’d had onboard but I’d had better.
Still relying on the IFE as my only source of entertainment:
 photo IMG_0699.jpg
The plus side of being in the middle of the cabin was that I was able to get a pretty good panorama of more or less the entire cabin
 photo IMG_0700.jpg
After this, I headed to the back to use the washroom and grab a much needed look at the outside world.
 photo IMG_0701.jpg
Followed up by a couple of films, 22 Jump Street and A Million Ways To Die In The West.
 photo IMG_0712.jpg
 photo IMG_0715.jpg
One of the few juice runs:
 photo IMG_0714.jpg
 photo IMG_0716.jpg
Towards the end of the second film the afternoon snacks were handed out.
 photo _MG_8020.jpg
After which the First Officer announced that there was just forty minutes until landing.
 photo _MG_8021.jpg
Still unable to see much, I took a look at the High Life magazine.
 photo IMG_0718.jpg
We made our descent and touched down into a surprisingly sunny and snow free Toronto. And then made a pretty long taxi over to the stand at Terminal 3.
 photo IMG_0720.jpg
 photo IMG_0723.jpg
Everybody made their way off a few moments later and took the long walk over to Passport control. There was also an initial passport check as soon as you exited the jet bridge.
 photo _MG_8024.jpg
 photo IMG_0728.jpg
Once there it took quite a while to get through as I was singled out for further screening – they thought it was a bit odd why I travel so much. They were very thorough too – even asking to see hotel confirmations. No big deal though as I wasn’t in a rush. Once I was finally stamped into the country it was out to wait for a bus to my hotel for the evening, the Hilton Garden Inn.
 photo IMG_0730.jpg
 photo IMG_0733.jpg
For the second time today I was given an upgrade – to a suite.
 photo _MG_8025.jpg
 photo _MG_8026.jpg
I checked in for the following days flight, watched a bit of TV and grabbed some room service – pretty much the only food option around, before turning in for the evening.
 photo IMG_0741.png
The next morning, I woke up pretty early and headed back to the airport.
 photo _MG_8032.jpg
 photo _MG_8034.jpg

Reasonable views from the room

 photo IMG_0742.jpg
Once at the airport, I saw an opportunity to get a couple of pics before heading inside.
 photo _MG_8038.jpg
 photo IMG_0744.jpg
 photo IMG_0745.jpg
I grabbed a souvenir boarding pass…
 photo IMG_0746.jpg
 photo IMG_0747.jpg
…before heading through security for some breakfast.
 photo IMG_0752.jpg
Far better than anything I’d get in a lounge that’s for sure, and for just $5 a bargain too. As I had around an hour until boarding I took a walk to see what was around.
 photo IMG_0754.jpg
 photo IMG_0755.jpg


 photo _MG_8041.jpg
 photo _MG_8043.jpg
 photo _MG_8044.jpg
 photo _MG_8045.jpg
Before heading down to the gate.
 photo IMG_0756.jpg
Just as boarding was scheduled to begin, the ground crew announced it was to be a full flight and that the plane hadn’t yet arrived. I was thinking the E-Jet parked at the adjacent gate would be operating the flight. A few moments later, C-FHOS pulled on to stand.
 photo _MG_8049.jpg
Boarding began, and for the first time in a long time I took the regular queue as opposed to the priority one.
 photo AClogo.jpg
December 2014
Embraer E190 / C-FHOS
Seat: 25A / Economy
Scheduled: 11:00/12:18
Off Stand: 11:10
On Stand: 12:13

I made my way onboard, and reached my seat – my seat mate already firmly in place. Much like on my flight with Oman Air in 2013, this little E-Jet came complete with personal IFE.
 photo IMG_0761.jpg
 photo IMG_0762.jpg
 photo IMG_0763.jpg
 photo IMG_0765.jpg

Free Wi-Fi – Nice!

 photo _MG_8050.jpg
Pushback came and we made our way out to the active. No word of the flight time came from the flight deck though.
 photo _MG_8053.jpg
 photo IMG_0772.jpg
There was just a company 777 to depart ahead of us, then it was our turn.
 photo IMG_0775.jpg
 photo IMG_0779.jpg
 photo IMG_0780.jpg
 photo _MG_8054.jpg
 photo IMG_0782.png

So much for the free Wi-Fi

 photo IMG_0784.jpg

And watching the IFE. Oh well.

A few moments later, the crew sprang into action. There was a full drink selection, complete with a small snack. Around the time the trolley reached my row, the engines spooled back and descent began. The flight was pretty similar to a UK domestic really.
 photo IMG_0786.jpg
 photo IMG_0785.jpg
 photo _MG_8056.jpg
During this time, my seatmate was curious as to why I was taking pictures of things. He figured I was some sort of travel writer – and he wasn’t too far off the mark. We chatted quite a bit until on finals. He mentioned he was also quite a regular flyer, mostly for pleasure than business.
 photo _MG_8057.jpg
As we did start our final approach, we passed by downtown Montreal. For once I was on the right side of the plane.
 photo _MG_8058.jpg
We made a very light touchdown and a quick taxi over to stand.
 photo IMG_0792.jpg
 photo IMG_0795.jpg
 photo IMG_0796.jpg
 photo IMG_0797.jpg
It was then the quick walk over to the arrivals area and on to the 747 bus to the city.
 photo IMG_0801.jpg
 photo IMG_0802.jpg
 photo IMG_0803.jpg
 photo IMG_0804.jpg
 photo IMG_0808.jpg
Around thirty minutes later, I was in the city. As I was a little early to check into my hotel, I went for a quick walk around before heading back.
 photo _MG_8061.jpg
 photo _MG_8062.jpg
 photo _MG_8065.jpg
I still arrived back a little early, but was able to check in anyway.
 photo _MG_8067.jpg
 photo _MG_8071.jpg

Not a bad view I guess.

 photo IMG_0846.jpg

Heated outdoor rooftop pool at the hotel.

I spent a few hours relaxing and chatting complete nonsense with PalmJet and FlyingFinn76 on Facebook before heading out to grab something to eat. The next few days were spent exploring a chilly Montreal. I mostly used the pretty good subway system to get around. Very cheap and covered nearly all the major areas of the city.
 photo IMG_0832.jpg
First stop in the city was taking a walk to look around the Viex Port:
 photo _MG_8076.jpg
 photo _MG_8077.jpg
 photo _MG_8083.jpg
Before heading off to Parc Jean Drapeau, and walking around the GP track. The was about the only snow I saw during my time in Canada.
 photo _MG_8088.jpg
 photo _MG_8094.jpg
 photo _MG_8108.jpg
 photo _MG_8113.jpg
 photo _MG_8123.jpg
Looking around the Old Town once more. I didn’t last too long however – it was just too cold to be outside in the morning.
 photo _MG_8133.jpg
 photo _MG_8139.jpg
Once it had warmed up to a balmy -15, I once more used the subway out to head out to the Olympic park.
 photo IMG_0860.png
 photo _MG_8150.jpg
 photo _MG_8152.jpg
 photo _MG_8154.jpg
My final evening in the city was spent up Mont Royal. Unpredictably, it was almost unbearably cold. Luckily there was a decent sized chalet to warm up in between photos.
 photo _MG_8156.jpg
 photo _MG_8162.jpg
Of course, I couldn’t leave Quebec without sampling some poutine:
 photo IMG_0848.jpg
When it came to checking in for my flight back to Toronto, the seat selection process was much like how I’ve experienced on a LCC – either pay for a specific seat or get shoved wherever. I was put in 10A, which may seem good enough.
 photo PDseatsBAD.png
However according to seatguru this row was missing a window. So not so good. The only other option was to pay to upgrade to a premium seat at the front of the cabin, so I stumped up the CAD$20 for 2A instead.
 photo IMG_0902.png
 photo PDBP.png
I checked out of my hotel and took the short walk to the bus stop.
As I arrived at a pretty quiet airport earlier than expected I took a bit of a walk around, before stumbling across the Porter check in area.
 photo IMG_0868.jpg
 photo IMG_0872.jpg

Toronto is a very popular destination from YUL it seems.

 photo IMG_0873.jpg
As there was nobody waiting, I grabbed a souvenir boarding pass. I was pleased to see it wasn’t the standard plain white affair!
 photo IMG_0874.jpg
After this, I headed through security – where once again I was the only person there, so it took just a couple of minutes. I took a walk around the concourse to see what was around. Luckily there was a decent set of windows.
 photo _MG_8171.jpg
 photo _MG_8173.jpg
 photo _MG_8174.jpg
 photo _MG_8179.jpg
 photo _MG_8180.jpg
 photo _MG_8183.jpg
 photo _MG_8190.jpg
After which I grabbed a drink and headed down to gate 9.
 photo IMG_0878.jpg
 photo IMG_0880.jpg
 photo _MG_8197.jpg
I tracked my incoming plane, which had just left Toronto. Although it would later prove to be a different plane completely, as my flight was actually a YHZ-YUL-YTZ service.
 photo _MG_8198.jpg
 photo PDlogo.jpg
December 2014
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 / C-GLQK
Seat: 2A / Economy
Scheduled: 11:30/12:40
Off Stand: 11:27
On Stand: 12:38

General boarding began, and as far as I knew, I was the first on board – until I actually made it on board and found half a plane full of people. I was greeted by a cheerful crew member and directed to my seat. The legroom was pretty good, so at least the CAD$20 was somewhat worth it.
 photo _MG_8199.jpg
 photo _MG_8200.jpg
The plane filled up until it was completely full as far as I could see. The flight deck came over the PA and welcomed everybody and said that we would hopefully be airborne within ten minutes. No flight time was given however.
 photo IMG_0885.jpg
 photo IMG_0886.jpg
 photo IMG_0887.jpg
We pushed back a couple of minutes ahead of schedule whilst the crew performed the safety briefing. A very quick taxi followed to the nearest runway and we powered into the air.
 photo IMG_0889.jpg
 photo IMG_0894.jpg
 photo _MG_8201.jpg
 photo _MG_8202.jpg
Some ten minutes or so after departure, service began. From what I could see, the crew left the trolleys in the middle of the cabin and delivered all the drinks on a tray. There was a choice of crisps, nuts or cookies to eat, along with a selection of drinks. I chose the cookies and some orange juice, which was delivered to my seat on a silver tray and in a branded glass along with a smile.
 photo IMG_0900.jpg
 photo IMG_0901.jpg
After this, the crew passed through the cabin a few more times, checking everybody was ok.
 photo IMG_0905.jpg
 photo IMG_0909.jpg
My seat mate then said she noticed I was taking quite a few pics and asked if I was into flying or photography. How refreshing that on both my Canadian domestics, rather than just assume I was up to no good, my seat mates seemed genuinely interested as to what I was up to and strike up a conversation about it! After around thirty minutes of flight, the flight deck announced that descent was ten minutes away.
 photo IMG_0907.jpg
We made our way down, passing through some rough clouds along the way.
 photo _MG_8206.jpg
Unfortunately, I was on the wrong side for any decent views – all I could see was the water of Lake Ontario. Out the other side, I could see the buildings of downtown Toronto passing by very close. We touched down and came to a very sudden stop on the runway at Toronto City airport.
 photo IMG_0916.jpg
After this, it was a brief taxi over to the terminal.
 photo IMG_0921.jpg
I saw the marshaller franticly making the X sign with his batons as we approached our gate and we screeched to a halt just before turning on to stand. A few moments later, we proceeded and pulled up to an interesting looking gate – at ground level, but with the standard jet bridge type connection to the plane.
 photo IMG_0923.jpg
 photo _MG_8208.jpg
It was then through some confusing corridors – the signs either directed you to other gates or the connections desk. Myself and a few others were neither and we had to flag down a passing worker to point us in the right direction. Basically to the end of the corridor and through baggage claim.
 photo IMG_0926.jpg
It was then on to the ferry for the minute or so journey over to the mainland.
 photo IMG_0928.jpg
 photo IMG_0933.jpg
 photo _MG_8210.jpg
Followed by a bus ride to the centre – all courtesy of Porter.
 photo IMG_0934.jpg
As I could see my hotel in the distance, and I was a little early to check in I took the walk up the road rather than catch the subway.
 photo _MG_8213.jpg
 photo IMG_0938.jpg
My room on the 20th floor of the Toronto Doubletree.
 photo _MG_8222.jpg
With a good view too:
 photo _MG_8229.jpg
 photo _MG_8231.jpg
I spent the next couple of days seeing what was going on in Toronto – quite a bit as it turned out, as it was new year. I couldn’t believe how much the area had changed since my last visit back in 1999.
 photo _MG_8218.jpg
Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe on NYE:
 photo IMG_0957.jpg
Checking out the CN Tower. As it was New Years day, it was very quiet. In fact I was the only person in the lift heading to the top.
 photo _MG_8241.jpg
 photo _MG_8244.jpg
Of course, I spent a lot of time looking in this general area.
 photo _MG_8251.jpg
 photo _MG_8255.jpg
 photo _MG_8259.jpg

This was actually the one that brought me from YUL.

 photo _MG_8261.jpg
 photo _MG_8264.jpg
 photo _MG_8268.jpg
I also took a walk around the Old Town – I must admit I never knew Toronto had an old town until I saw it in a tourist guide at the hotel.
 photo _MG_8276.jpg
 photo _MG_8279.jpg
And finally, checking out the Eaton Centre.
 photo IMG_0973.jpg
When it was time to return to the airport, I was surprised to see that there weren’t any express services from the city. So instead, it was via public transport. It took around an hour, but for just CAD$3 a real bargain.
 photo IMG_0976.jpg
 photo IMG_0977.jpg
Upon reaching terminal 3 at YYZ, I queued up in the First Class line, as I’m entitled to do.
 photo IMG_0980.jpg
 photo IMG_0982.jpg
The check in agent spotted me and abruptly said “business class?”. Erm, no but I have a gold card… He summoned me over and began typing. He asked what seat I was in, and when I replied he said that British Airways had now put me into a sleeper seat and that I should head upstairs to the lounge where the airline would be more than happy to provide me with dinner. He then handed back my passport, a boarding pass and wished me a very happy new year – talk about change of tune. But more importantly, I’d called BA’s bluff brilliantly with regards to the upgrade situation.
I then headed through security, and as there didn’t appear to be much airside, straight up to the lounge.
 photo IMG_0988.jpg
 photo IMG_1006.jpg
The agent welcomed me in and handed me a dinner voucher – saying that I could get dinner from the Club side and eat it in the First side.
 photo IMG_0992.jpg
I had the entire First section to myself, for around twenty minutes until a family with a pretty noisy child turned up. Luckily, a few glances in their general direction led to an apology and them calming the child down a bit.
 photo _MG_8283.jpg
 photo _MG_8284.jpg
 photo _MG_8285.jpg
 photo _MG_8286.jpg
 photo _MG_8287.jpg
A snack to begin with:
 photo _MG_8288.jpg
I went to grab some dinner whilst it was still quiet, but the buffet wasn’t quite open, so made do with some champagne instead.
 photo _MG_8289.jpg
Eventually, I did wander over to the J lounge to grab a tasty dinner. As the buffet didn’t really have anything that jumped out at me, I ordered some of the risotto.
 photo IMG_0993.jpg
 photo IMG_1001.jpg
 photo IMG_1003.jpg
 photo IMG_1002.jpg
 photo IMG_0996.jpg
 photo IMG_0998.jpg
By the time I was done, the F lounge had filled up considerably – not that it’s too big anyway (only twelve “proper” seats), so I had to make do with the seats nearer the entrance.
 photo _MG_8290.jpg
As I wanted to enjoy some of the service on board, I grabbed a coffee. As it would turn out, the coffee worked a little better than anticipated as I ended up enjoying all of the service on board, rather than just some of it.
 photo _MG_8291.jpg
With around an hour until boarding, I made my way down to the gate as I fancied a change of scenery.
 photo IMG_1007.jpg


The lounge area was certainly different to anything I’d seen before – with a lot less seats and free to use iPads everywhere.
 photo IMG_1009.jpg
Boarding began, and somewhat predictably, as soon as the ground crew stepped up to the mic a mass bundle took place, including some guy barging his way past the entire fast track line, announcing loudly that he has young children so needs to be first. Moron.
 photo IMG_1012.jpg
 photo BAlogo.jpg
January 2015
Boeing 777-300ER / G-STBB
Seat: 25K / World Traveller Plus
Seat: 13A / Club World
Scheduled: 22:05/09:50
Off Stand: 22:07
On Stand: 10:00

 photo IMG_1015.jpg
 photo IMG_1016.jpg
Almost as soon as I reached my seat, I was offered a newspaper and a drink of either water, oj or champagne. As I’m not a fan of BA champagne, I opted for the water.
 photo _MG_8292.jpg
 photo _MG_8293.jpg
This aircraft had the slightly older generation Club seat, and I found it a little more comfortable than what I experienced on the 787. Although I could be just imagining that.
 photo _MG_8294.jpg
 photo _MG_8295.jpg

Nice scheme – No idea who it belonged to though.

My seat mate turned up and immediately raised the divider between the two seats – which suited me. Despite the 8 abreast seating, it still felt very private.
 photo _MG_8296.jpg

I do like these lamps in the Club cabin. Very classy.

The menus were handed out and dinner orders taken. I opted for the chicken.
 photo IMG_1025.jpg
 photo IMG_1028.jpg
 photo IMG_1031.jpg
We then pushed back (which seemed to take the crew by surprise somewhat) and I got to hear the great noise of the GE90’s starting up.
 photo IMG_1034.jpg
After this, we made our way over to be de-iced.
 photo IMG_1044.jpg
 photo IMG_1048.jpg
This took a good few moments, then we made the long trek over to the opposite side of the airport for departure.
 photo IMG_1050.jpg
We eventually lifted off forty five minutes after leaving the gate.
 photo IMG_1054.jpg
 photo IMG_1058.jpg
As we climbed, the amenity kits were handed out, which included the usual bits and pieces.
 photo _MG_8301.jpg
Within thirty minutes of departure, the bar service began, joined by an episode of American Dad.
 photo _MG_8303.jpg
 photo _MG_8302.jpg
Followed just a few seconds later by dinner.
 photo _MG_8304.jpg
 photo _MG_8305.jpg
After this the cabin settled down for the short evening. I wasn’t feeling that tired however, so I watched a few things on tv, mostly the BA documentary series that was shown on the BBC last year.
 photo IMG_1062.jpg
 photo _MG_8306.jpg
I’d pre ordered an A380 model, which I had to chase up on. The crew didn’t really know the procedure as they said they’d never had anybody pre order duty free before. Guess I was the first person ever then… maybe.
 photo IMG_1068.jpg
I also paid a visit to the club kitchen.
 photo IMG_1071.jpg
 photo IMG_1072.jpg
After a few more episodes of top gear, the cabin was starting to come back to life.
 photo IMG_1074.jpg
 photo IMG_1077.jpg
 photo _MG_8307.jpg
Breakfast was served.
 photo _MG_8309.jpg
There were also bacon and egg muffins offered but I didn’t take one.
By this time, the sun was starting to appear outside too.
 photo _MG_8312.jpg
 photo _MG_8314.jpg
The captain announced our descent and that as it was a little busy at Heathrow, we would probably have to hold for fifteen minutes or so. On our way down there was a pretty good view of LHR.
 photo _MG_8317.jpg
 photo _MG_8319.jpg
 photo _MG_8320.jpg
 photo IMG_1098.jpg
After more than a few laps of the Ockham hold, we turned on to finals, which led to some good views of London.
 photo _MG_8325.jpg
 photo _MG_8327.jpg
 photo IMG_1104.jpg
We made a very smooth touchdown and rolled out for quite a while – enabling us to turn off the runway and pretty much straight on to stand at T5C.
 photo IMG_1107.jpg
 photo IMG_1108.jpg
It was a reasonably short wait to leave, before heading off to the main building.
 photo IMG_1114.jpg
 photo IMG_1115.jpg
The procedures were carried out pretty quickly and I made my way up to the arrivals lounge to freshen up and have some breakfast.
 photo IMG_1118.jpg
 photo IMG_1131.jpg
 photo IMG_1129.jpg
 photo IMG_1119.jpg
The breakfast options were pretty much the same as in the F lounge, but I didn’t notice any menus around.
 photo IMG_1124.jpg
 photo IMG_1125.jpg
Heathrow becomes airport number 2 on my airport shower list.
 photo IMG_1121.jpg
 photo _MG_8331.jpg
Unfortunately this particular one had seen better days.
 photo _MG_8332.jpg
I stayed for just over an hour before heading downstairs for the coach home.
 photo _MG_8334.jpg
 photo IMG_1133.jpg
And that brings an end to my final trip of 2014.
How did BA do this time? Well not too bad – which is the standard I’ve found recently. The upgrades were gratefully received and it was good to try out their Club World product for the first time.
Air Canada were decent enough too on the hours sector – its just a shame the IFE or the Wi-Fi didn’t work as advertised. But on a short flight it wasn’t a big issue. If it was a YYZ-YVR sector though it would have been more of an annoyance.
Porter I thought were a great little airline. Friendly crew on the ground and in the air, very tasty choice of snacks on board (as opposed to the single offering on AC) and great presentation of the service too. The only niggle is the seat selection system which basically forces you to pay for a seat or get what you’re given – this seemed very LCC.

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