BA Galleries Arrivals Lounge, Heathrow T5

Probably my least visited British Airways Lounge at Heathrow is their arrivals lounge in terminal 5. As I met the somewhat restricted entry requirements at the end of this trip, I paid just my third visit. 

This Trip:

Entry Requirements:

  • First or Business Class ticket or
  • British Airways Executive Club Gold Card and
  • Arriving on a long haul flight

Note that as this isn’t a OneWorld Lounge, having Emerald status isn’t enough to grant entry. Only a BA Gold card will get you in if you’re not arriving in a premium cabin.


The location of the arrivals lounge is in the arrivals hall of terminal 5. It is signposted. Head up one level and the entrance is fairly obvious as it’s the only passenger accessible facility on this level. If you take the orange set of lifts, this will put you right at the entrance.

Arrivals lounge signage

If you take the green set of lifts like I did, it’s not the end of the world. It’s still fairly well sign posted. Told you I wasn’t overly familiar with this lounge…

Arrivals lounge signage

The Lounge

Arrivals lounge entrance

The lounge area itself isn’t that big. Most of the space is taken up with a number of shower rooms. Ninety four to be precise. And three cabanas featuring infinity baths.

Arrivals lounge showers

In the shower area is a small trolley with both still and sparkling water. There are also a few seats dotted around, although I’m not totally sure why you’d want to sit in this area.

Water trolley

In the shower rooms themselves, there are basic amenities. Towels, a selection of Elemis soaps and shampoo. I can’t be sure, but I’m led to believe other amenities were available on request. They weren’t offered as such, but when I checked into the shower, I was told what was available and asked if I needed anything else. I can only assume they wouldn’t offer if they couldn’t fulfil.

Arrivals lounge shower room
Shower room amenities

Also available was a hair dryer straight out of 1983.


Once I was done, it was on to breakfast. The BA arrivals lounge is halfway between the Galleries Club and First lounges when it comes to breakfast options. It offers a little more than what’s usually served in the Club lounge, but the options aren’t quite as extensive as what’s found in the First Lounge. There aren’t any menu options, at least in the main buffet area. 

On offer was the full English hot items, along with fruit, cereals and pastries.

There is a Concorde Dining area, although this is exclusive to customers arriving in First. Annoyingly, the one time I was eligible to use this, my bag took so long to arrive the lounge was closed by the time I got there.

Arrivals lounge Concorde dining
Interesting World Tails like artwork – despite opening long after they had disappeared

Also on offer in the arrivals lounge is the Elemis Spa. 

Arrivals lounge spa
Arrivals lounge spa

Beyond this area is a small work area, with a selection of PC’s and a copy/fax machine.

Work area
Work area

Dotted around the lounge are the standard BA coffee stations.


The main lounge area consisted of a few seats with a number of TV’s and newspapers nearby.

Main arrivals lounge
Main arrivals lounge
Main arrivals lounge
Main arrivals lounge
Main arrivals lounge

Nearby most seats were powerpoints, which looked quite modern by BA standards.



Being able to take a shower, grab some breakfast and relax a little before heading home after an overnight flight is always welcome. However, compared to the recently opened American Airlines Arrivals Lounge in terminal 3, the BA example here is a long way behind. With terminal 5 having opened in 2008, I can only assume like the rest of the lounges the airline operates at Heathrow, this one hasn’t seen too much work since. It’s functional, but showing its age in areas. 

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