BA Executive Club Reduces Status Tier Points Requirement

British Airways have reduced the number of Tier Points required to renew status.

This differs to many other airlines who have extended status by a year.

For those who’s year reset occurs in April, May or June, you will require 30% less tier points in order to renew:

  • Bronze: 210 Tier Points
  • Silver: 420 Tier Points
  • Gold: 1050 Tier points

British Airways have also waived the requirement to take either 2 eligible flights for bronze or 4 for silver/gold.

For any renewals after June, then the above doesn’t apply. You will still need the standard amount to retain your status. However, British Airways have said that due to the ongoing nature of the current situation, they are reviewing their policy.

Should the current situation extend beyond June, then it is likely that the number required for renewal will drop by 10% each month.

Personally, I find this a bit stingy of British Airways. Whilst I have renewed gold status until 2021, I can’t help but think a blanket extension of 1 year would have been far easier. It would also keep them in line with what other airlines and hotel groups have done.

On the flip side however, if they were to introduce a 1 year extension from today, and the current situation doesn’t improve for 6 months, it will be pointless.

I can’t help but wonder how long this will have to go on for before BA will offer a blanket extension? Surely if they have to reduce the earning criteria by 50%, then it will make it far too easy to retain status? And using the 10% rule I mentioned above, it will only require the current situation to carry on for a further two months – which is entirely feasible.

Read the full terms and conditions here:

British Airways Executive Club

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