Austrian A320, VIE-FRA, Economy

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The day started with a short walk back to the station before taking the CAT back to the airport.


By 08:00 I had arrived. Austrian Airlines offer a dedicated entrance to the check in area and security for business class and Star Alliance Gold passengers in Vienna. Think low budget version of the British Airways First Wing at T5 Heathrow…

Vienna airport

As such, I was into the lounge around ten minutes after arriving at the airport.

Austrian Airlines Lounge, F Gates

Austrian Airlines operate a number of lounges in Vienna. From previous visits, I recall one being quite good. And another being not so good. This morning, I’d be using the not so good one as I was on a flight within the Schengen area.

Austrian lounge

There really isn’t too much to be said about this lounge. It’s essentially a large room with a buffet and seating.

Austrian lounge
Austrian lounge

There are a selection of newspapers and magazines also available.


Despite it not being the best lounge I’ve been in, I still managed to find myself a quiet corner with a view, so I was content for the next hour or so.

Austrian lounge


The gate area was a little on the small side due to it doubling up as a café. Therefore not only did you have all the passengers for the flight departing from there, but you also had people using the café too. Meaning it was more than a little crowded.

Gate area

Matters weren’t helped by the fact that no priority boarding was announced – just the “all aboard”. Although I guess with a bus boarding, it didn’t make all that much difference anyway.



Austrian A320
Seating on board Austrian

Boarding was completed a few minutes before SDT and I managed to score a free middle seat.

Seating on board Austrian

We left the stand a couple of minutes behind schedule and made a short taxi over to the active.

Takeoff came just a few minutes later.


Flight time was given as 1h5mins.

Onboard service

The service on this flight was identical to the previous flight I took with Austrian. Either sweet or savoury.

Onboard Austrian airlines

I seem to recall having a tasty muffin on an Austrian flight out of Heathrow a year or so previously, so I guess they’re reserved for the longer European sectors.

Onboard Austrian airlines


Landing was made into a cloudy Frankfurt twenty minutes ahead of schedule. We made a reasonably long taxi, but at least we didn’t end up with a bus gate, which is more often than not in Frankfurt.


My Thoughts

Much like the previous flight with Austrian, they got the job done with the minimum of fuss. The crew seemed to be a lot happier today – I guess that’s the main difference between catching the last flight of the day and one of the first.

The lounge could have been a little better though. Very busy when I arrived and even busier when I left. Although that seems to be the common theme on the Star Alliance legs of this trip.

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