Austrian Airlines: ZRH-VIE, Economy

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Upon arrival from Geneva, it was an easy transfer up to the Swiss Senator lounge. Although it was a little on the busy side to say the least. 

Swiss Senator Lounge, Zurich.

Swiss lounge, Zurich

Trying to find a seat was near on impossible. I did eventually find one in one of the work cubicles at the rear of the lounge.

Swiss Lounge
Swiss lounge

Since being refurbished, every visit I’ve made here has been very busy. Even during the off period last Christmas.

Swiss lounge Zurich

During my time in the work area, I had a rather obnoxious guy in a suit come up and ask me how much longer I would be. I told him a couple of hours. He said he needed to get some work done… well, yes, but I got here first, so too bad. Besides, I was updating my website and making videos for YouTube. It may be a different kind of work, but I also needed somewhere to catch up with things.

Of course, I could have headed over to the E gates and used the lounge there, but I seemingly always end up there when in Zurich, so decided to stay nearby to where my gate is. Also not having to go through passport control twice was a bonus too.

Time to Leave

At around 7pm I left to head to the gate. The lounge was still heaving.

Austrian Airlines A320
Austrian Airlines A320
Austrian Gate Area

Boarding began as advertised at 19:20. As this would be a full flight, those who were willing to check their bags were given pre-boarding. Although unlike certain other British based Airways, those who were entitled to priority boarding were still allowed to board first.

Austrian Airlines seat
Standard Austrian Airlines seating

Upon boarding I noticed that the crew left the overhead bins above business class and the exit rows closed. A simple yet effective trick I suspect.

Austrian Airlines seating


Our flight time was given as an hour. We pushed back exactly on schedule. Following this came a quick taxi and we departed into the sunset.

Austrian Airlines departure

Onboard Service

Austrian offer free catering on board in economy. On this short flight, a drinks service and a choice of either sweet or savoury snack.

Austrian Airlines catering
Austrian Airlines catering


WiFi was offered on this flight, and the prices weren’t too bad. Although for this short duration, as usual, I didn’t use it.


By the time the snack service was done, we were already well into descent. There wasn’t too much to be seen on approach. We touched down and made our journey over to the terminal, pulling up on the furthest stand along the pier. This meant quite a long walk although as this was a Schengen-Schengen flight there were no formalities to take care of. I was on to the CAT a few moments later. Of course, the standard city train would have been a lot cheaper, but every time I’ve visited Vienna before, I’ve used the Vienna HBF which is a lot further from where I wanted to be.

Vienna arrival
Vienna Arrival

My thoughts

Very similar service on this Austrian Airlines flight to the flight with Swiss between Geneva and Zurich earlier in the day. On this short hop there was a basic snack and drink service. The crew seemed a little off however. Both upon boarding and disembarking there wasn’t a member of the crew at the door welcoming people. In fact on boarding even when heading down the aisle, pretty much all the crew I passed totally blanked me until I reached a younger member who did say hello.

I guess they had a long day and were looking forward to getting home.

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