Austrian Airlines A320, Business Class, VIE-LHR

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Austrian Airlines A320, Business Class, VIE-LHR


The second part of my re-route back from Munich.

Although I initially had short connection to make in Vienna, the connecting flight ended up being delayed by 40 minutes. Add to the fact that the incoming flight arrived earlier than anticipated, and this left around an hour and a half in the end.

As such, it was up to the lounge. It was mostly the standard affair really. Much the same as the Schengen lounge in fact. 

Austrian Airlines Lounge
Austrian Airlines Lounge
Austrian Airlines Lounge
Austrian Airlines Lounge

The food options were a little on the basic side, but this wasn’t a big deal – I wasn’t particularly hungry anyway. 

Austrian Airlines Lounge
Austrian Airlines Lounge
Austrian Airlines Lounge

I made my way down to the gate, around 40 minutes prior to the new scheduled departure time. This flight was one of the few that looked to be departing from the non-Schengen area.

Austrian Airlines
Vienna – London Heathrow
Airbus A320 OE-LXA
Seat 1A
March 2020


Upon having my passport pre checked, I was allowed to enter a cordoned off seating area – presumably as I was flying in business. Everyone else was sent back into the terminal area.

I wasn’t in this area for too long though as boarding began a few moments later. This didn’t stop someone jumping the barrier though… and then promptly being sent back as he didn’t have priority boarding.

This particular plane had a slightly different cabin to the standard Austrian cabin. As the aircraft itself had a slightly more interesting past than most of the others in the fleet. Initially delivered to Air One in November 2007, it has flown with Alitalia, and Air Berlin before joining the Austrian fleet in November 2017.

Austrian Airlines Cabin

USB power was featured on this particular aircraft. I cant say whether it is available on the rest of the Austrian fleet however. I didn’t think to look!

Despite everything that’s going on in the world, the cabin crew announced that this was a full flight. At least behind the curtain. In front of it, there were three rows. All of which had someone in. 


We eventually left the gate a little over 45 minutes behind schedule.

Austrian Airlines Cabin

We made it into the air for our 1h55 flight around 15 minutes after push back.

Onboard Service

The dinner service began 15 minutes or so after departure. Once more, there was just the one choice, and it was something familiar.

Austrian Airlines Catering
Austrian Airlines Catering
Austrian Airlines Catering
Austrian Airlines catering

The service was finished with some extremely weak tea! 

Austrian Airlines Catering


There was no WiFi provided as this wasn’t a native Austrian aircraft. Therefore any form of entertainment was strictly of the provide your own variety.


Descent started a little earlier than anticipated. And as soon as it did, the seatbelt sign came on. Therefore, the crew started to secure the cabin. Being in a bulkhead row, this meant I had to put my bits away and store my bag in the overhead. Therefore I was left without much to do until there was something of interest to look at out of the window.

Unsurprisingly, there wasn’t any holding this evening. Touchdown came and we made the journey over to Terminal 2B. Arrival on to stand came 40 minuted behind schedule. 

Austrian Airlines Cabin
Austrian Airlines A320

It was a long walk over to the main terminal, where it wasn’t particularly busy. I don’t think this was due to the general slow down though. It was typical for arrivals at this time of night.


Another good flight with Austrian. Funny how when I booked this trip, it included zero flights with them. By the end of it, 3 of the 5 flights I took were with the airline. 

Would I fly them again? Most definitely. Whilst the seating is identical to the rest of the fleet in the Lufthansa Group, the catering is far superior. Sure, I ended up having the same meal on two of the flights but it was top quality, so I didn’t mind having a second dose. Although I’ll remember to avoid their tea in the future.

If I could find a hole in the operation, it was the lounge. Whilst the terminal that Austrian use in Vienna only opened in 2012, it looks much older. The food options were somewhat basic too.

Thats All Folks!

For reasons I’m sure you’re all very well aware of, this is likely to be my last flight for a while. Whether it be weeks, months to longer still. Much like the rest of the world, I just can’t say at the moment. 

And as such, this will be my final trip report until things calm down again. 

As soon as it’s practical to fly, you can bet I’ll be making plans to be on one of the very first flights. 

As many have commented, I was pushing it a bit by taking this trip. The way things stand, this looks to be my longest period on the ground. And it is highly likely that April 2020 will be the first month I have not set foot on a plane since February 2014. That is unless things change drastically in the next couple of weeks. 

Until then, this site wont die! I’m sure there will be plenty going on in the aviation world that I will have various thoughts on.

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