Austrian Airlines A320, Business Class, VIE-ATH

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Austrian Airlines A320, Business Class, VIE-ATH
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Following the flight from Heathrow, it was a slightly short connection to the ongoing flight to Athens.

Luckily, the transfer process at Vienna isn’t too strenuous. After clearing security, I even had time for a quick cup of coffee in the lounge.

Austrian Business Lounge

The business lounge was somewhat similar to the Senator lounge next door. Although much bigger. And maybe there were slightly less food options. But essentially, it was much the same.

Austrian Business Lounge
Austrian Business Lounge
Austrian Business Lounge
Austrian Business Lounge
Austrian Business Lounge
Austrian Business Lounge
Austrian Business Lounge

Although with boarding fast approaching, it was time to head off to the gate.

Austrian Airlines
Vienna – Athens
Airbus A319 OE-LDD
Seat 1A
March 2020


Boarding began a few minutes behind schedule. When it did begin, there was no priority or groups. Just the generic all aboard, through the automated gates.

Austrian Business Seating

In my opinion, this is sheer laziness from the ground crew. Sure, use the automated gates, but at least scan the priority passengers manually.

Once boarding was more or less completed, I was welcomed on board by name and offered a drink. Better service on this flight already! Not that the service on the previous flight was bad.

A few moments later, the safety demo was given. As I was the only person up front, I was given a personal presentation. Where direct eye contact was held with me throughout. Awkward!


Pushback came on schedule, and it was a quick journey over to the active.

We were into the air no more than 10 minutes after pushback.

Onboard Service

Much like on the previous flight, the service took a while to get going. I guess the pressure wasn’t on the crew for this particular flight.

Austrian Business Cabin

When it did turn up, once more it was just the one choice. Initially, I thought it was a fish cake with potato salad.

Austrian Business Catering
Austrian Business Catering
Austrian Business Catering

However, when cutting into it, it most definitely wasn’t fish! Instead, it was beef, gravy and vegetables.

Austrian Business Catering


I connected to the WiFi on this flight. I opted for the cheaper of the two options, and it worked well enough.

Austrian Business Cabin


With 40 minutes remaining, we heard from the captain for the first time today. He gave an overview of the departure, said we had left Vienna 1h10minutes ago and that we had 40 minutes left to run.

Around ten minutes later the engines spooled back.

Touchdown came, and a reasonably long taxi followed over to the stand.

As this was an arrival from the Schengen zone, there was no need to clear passport control. So it was a case of following the signs to the train station, for the pricey €10 journey into Athens.


Another very good flight in Austrian Business class. The purser was very friendly and the food was great once more.

Although once more, the only minor issue was the seats. They were fine for this sub 2 hour flight. Any longer and they might get a little uncomfortable however.

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