Athens: In Pictures

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➔ Austrian Airlines A320, Business Class, LHR-VIE
➔ Austrian Airlines A320, Business Class, VIE-ATH
Athens: In Pictures
➔ Intercontinental Athenaeum Athens Hotel
➔ Aegean A320neo, Business Class, ATH-MUC
➔ Lufthansa Cityline CR9, Business Class, MUC-VIE
➔ Austrian Airlines A320, Business Class, VIE-LHR

The return of the in pictures series! As this was the first time I had visited Athens, I don’t feel suitably qualified to produces an in depth city guide.

I arrived into the city mid-afternoon. Having started my journey at 4AM, this was never going to be a major sightseeing tour. Added to the fact that the city was supposedly in shut down, this added to the brief nature of things. Although the reality was that there were still a number of tour buses driving around, shops open and many people on the streets.

I took a walk around the area where the metro stop was. I attempted to head up to the Parthenon, but as most other official areas were closed, I figured that would be too. Instead I made my way to the hotel.

Again, due to not being too sure as to what would actually be open, dinner consisted of a takeaway pizza in my room.

Although one place I can recommend is Mikel Coffee Company. This provided a good breakfast the following morning. And at under £4, an absolute bargain too. There are a few outlets across the city and in other cities around the world too.

Breakfast in Athens

The return to the airport took me past a couple of more interesting sites. Although as I left it a little late checking out of my hotel, I didn’t have too much time to explore further.

I look forward to returning when things are a little calmer in the world.

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