Another BA A320 With Fumes In The Flight Deck

Yet another BA Airbus A320 flight was met by the fire service this morning.

Reports state that there was a strange smell on the flight deck on approach.

G-EUUV, which had just flown from London Heathrow – Belfast City arrived on to stand as scheduled at 07:50. However following the incident, the return flight was subsequently cancelled.

BA A320

This is the third similar incident recently. In October 2019, G-GATL landed in Paphos after fumes partially incapacitated both the flight crew. The flight did however make a safe landing.

In August 2019, an Airbus A321, G-MEDN landed in Valencia with a cabin full of smoke.

Whilst G-EUUV and G-MEDN are both of similar age – built within a month of each other, G-GATL is 6 years older.

All three aircraft involved in the incidents have different backgrounds. G-EUUV was delivered new to BA, and has been in service with the airline since. G-MEDN was initially delivered to British Mediterranean, before being acquired by bmi, and finally British Airways when it purchased the airline in 2012. Finally, G-GATL was delivered to ACES Colombia in 2003 before being acquired by Wizz and finally joining the British Airways Gatwick fleet in 2015.

It certainly is a curious case…

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