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This is the fifth and final part of my USA trip from April 2013. The previous four parts have seen me travel from London Heathrow, to Paris, Back from Paris to London, across to Washington on to Chicago, then down to Florida. If you have mssed them, they can be seen here:
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After having some pretty big issues on the previous sector of this ticket (which can be read about in part 3), I was a little concerned about this sector – especially as I had two connections to make, and this would be the sector getting me home. On the plus side, I had a printed confirmation of my reservation from AA that I picked up in Chicago and all three airports I would be travelling through on this part of the trip were BA destinations… so if there were any issues I could see an actual person face to face, rather than have to deal with somebody over the phone.
Despite feeling confident that I wouldn’t have any issues, the online check in process didn’t go to plan.
 photo 2013-04-12022801.png
 photo 2013-04-12022845.png
 photo 2013-04-12002902.png
Pretty much the same issue that caused the trouble in part 3.
After packing my things up and saying my goodbyes to the family I headed out a little earlier than needed in case I had any issues. The traffic was a little heavy around the attractions that was a little concerning. I knew I should have gone the other way!
 photo IMG_20130412_163958.jpg
Arrival at the airport was just past 12 midday and after saying goodbye to the car, I headed off to check in with my fingers crossed.
 photo IMG_20130412_171530.jpg
 photo IMG_20130412_171533.jpg
 photo IMG_20130412_172254.jpg
Luckily, the machines did have the right name and all was fine today. The SSK printed my boarding passes without any issues.
 photo IMG_20130412_171831.jpg
 photo IMG_20130412_172015.jpg
There was also this offer once more – I was offered a similar thing in ORD and if I had known about the delay I had suffered there in advance I would have been tempted. But not today.
 photo IMG_20130412_172048.jpg
After declining this, my boarding passes were printed.
 photo IMG_20130412_172101.jpg
 photo IMG_20130412_172204.jpg
Once I had my boarding passes I went for a wonder around the mall like Orlando international.
 photo IMG_20130412_172520.jpg
 photo IMG_20130412_172644.jpg
I then headed through security. Even with my priority AAccess it was still chaos. Mainly due to the fast track sharing the same lane as the crew security, and due to them having priority it was a case of constantly being at the end of a queue. I’m not sure I’ve ever flown from MCO where security wasn’t anything but packed.
 photo IMG_20130412_173129.jpg
Once through it was on to the monorail and I grabbed a burger…
 photo IMG_20130412_174631.jpg
 photo IMG_20130412_180145.jpg
With a view.
 photo IMG_0084.jpg
 photo IMG_0085.jpg
After I had finished, I made my way down to gate 15 to find 757 N680AN waiting for me – with winglets.
 photo IMG_20130412_181329.jpg
 photo IMG_0086.jpg
 photo IMGA0363.jpg
I had a bit of a look around this area to see what else was around. Not a huge amount really, so I sat back down and waited.
 photo IMG_0087.jpg
Boarding was called at 13:30 and I was one of the first to board this full flight.
 photo AAlogo.jpg
12th April 2013
757-223 / N680AN
Seat: 21A / Main Cabin
Scheduled: 14:05/15:10
Off Stand: 14:04
On Stand: 15:07

Once onboard, I was surprised at how 1990’s this jet was compared to the other AA examples I had been on in the previous week. Guess the 757’s hadn’t been refurbished.
 photo IMG_20130412_183038.jpg
 photo IMG_20130412_183100.jpg
Legroom wasn’t too bad for this short flight.
 photo IMGA0364.jpg
 photo IMGA0365.jpg
 photo IMGA0368.jpg
One guy did sit in the aisle, but then a slightly older Canadian woman came along and he moved over to the middle seat, taking up most of my space. They then got into a pretty deep chat which lasted the entire duration of the time on board. There seemed to be quite a few Brits on board this flight, heading for the connection to LHR. So was I, but I was taking the more interesting route!
 photo IMG_0088.jpg
Communication from the flight deck was pretty non-existent. The cabin crew announced a flight time of just 44 minutes and a cruising altitude of 22,000ft.
 photo IMGA0369.jpg

Is it time to go yet?

We pushed back pretty much on schedule and made a slow taxi out to the active.
 photo IMGA0370.jpg
 photo IMGA0373.jpg
 photo IMGA0375.jpg
 photo IMGA0377.jpg
 photo IMGA0378.jpg
 photo IMGA0380.jpg
 photo IMGA0381.jpg
At 14:15 we made the characteristic 757 powerful take off into some moody looking skies.
 photo IMGA0383.jpg
 photo IMGA0384.jpg
 photo IMGA0385.jpg
 photo IMGA0387.jpg
 photo IMGA0389.jpg
 photo IMG_0090.jpg
 photo IMG_0091.jpg
Not much can be said about this flight really – our apparent routing was down the coast to MIA. The crew weren’t seen throughout and the seatbelt signs were never extinguished – and for once, everybody seemed to obey this.
 photo IMG_0092.jpg
 photo IMGA0392.jpg
 photo IMGA0396.jpg


 photo IMG_0093.jpg
 photo IMGA0395.jpg
The only time I knew the flight had progressed as far as it had was when we turned to the West and downtown Miami came into sight.
 photo IMG_0095.jpg
 photo IMG_0096.jpg
 photo IMG_0097.jpg
 photo IMG_0098.jpg
 photo IMG_0099.jpg
 photo IMGA0399.jpg
 photo IMGA0401.jpg
 photo IMGA0402.jpg
Due to the heavy looking clouds around, some of the views were a bit obstructed until we cleared them. Once we had though, it was a few turns until we were on finals for runway 12. In my many visits to MIA, I had never landed on this runway.
 photo IMG_0100.jpg
 photo IMG_0101.jpg
 photo IMGA0403.jpg
 photo IMGA0405.jpg
 photo IMGA0408.jpg
 photo IMGA0410.jpg
It was then a few turns, as the flaps were extended and the landing gear lowered before making pretty solid contact with the ground at around 15:00.
 photo IMGA0412.jpg
A fifteen minute taxi followed to gate D3. Along the way I saw a VX A23X with sharklets, the Dreamlifter and John Travolta’s 707.
 photo IMGA0415.jpg
 photo IMG_0102.jpg
 photo IMGA0420.jpg
 photo IMG_0104.jpg
There was quite a wait to disembark, however once I was off, it was through the length of terminal to my connection to ATL.
 photo IMG_20130412_201627.jpg

ATL is a pretty popular destination it seems!

I took a bit of a walk before jumping on the skytrain to take me the rest of the way to my next gate.
 photo IMG_20130412_202034.jpg
 photo IMG_20130412_202221.jpg
 photo IMG_20130412_203636.jpg
 photo IMG_20130412_203949.jpg
Turns out taking the skytrain was a good idea as it gave some pretty good views across the ramp!
 photo IMG_0107.jpg
 photo IMG_0109.jpg
 photo IMG_0110.jpg
 photo IMG_0111.jpg
 photo IMG_0112.jpg


 photo IMG_0113.jpg

I was concentrating on the Astrojet so much, I almost missed this classic.

 photo IMG_0114.jpg
After the brief ride, I arrived at the final station and took the short walk down to American Eagles facility.
 photo IMG_20130412_204753.jpg
 photo IMG_20130412_204821.jpg
Once at gate D60, it was a case of sitting and waiting for an hour or so until boarding. There wasn’t a massive amount in this area – a small shop and that was about it really.
 photo IMG_20130412_205037.jpg
I did see a couple of familiar faces though!
 photo IMG_0117.jpg
 photo IMG_0118.jpg
And a couple that weren’t so familiar.
 photo IMG_0119.jpg
 photo IMG_0120.jpg

This one was heading for Key West – never knew such a flight even existed!

Boarding was called at 16;45, after the ground crew announcing the flight was over sold. First they offered $300, then a few moments later $400, and a seat on a later flight. If I didn’t have a connection to make I would have been very tempted by this offer. Shortly after it was outside into the boarding area.
 photo IMGA0422.jpg
Nobody seemed too sure where to go, so I asked one if the ground staff who pointed me in the right direction. However, upon reaching the right place, there was a barrier and a staff member stopping the boarding process due to the aircraft not quite being ready. It wasn’t an issue though as it was a nice enough place to wait and it was a decent temperature whilst not being uncomfortably hot. A fellow passenger followed me to the right place and we and a chat about my travels and his. He was especially interested in my camera and said it was a great idea to document every part of the trip, so I could look back on it in years to come. Eventually boarding commenced at 17:00.
 photo IMGA0423.jpg

Confirmation of the reg.

 photo IMGA0424.jpg
 photo IMGA0425.jpg
 photo IMGA0426.jpg
 photo AAElogo.jpg
12th April 2013
ERJ145 / N656AE
Seat: 4C / Main Cabin
Scheduled: 17:10/19:10
Off Stand: 17:08
On Stand: 18:56

Once on board, it was quite tight, unsurprisingly.
 photo IMGA0427.jpg
 photo IMG_20130412_220047.jpg
 photo IMGA0431.jpg
 photo IMG_0122.jpg
 photo IMG_0124.jpg
 photo IMG_0125.jpg
I did have a seatmate – who spent the entire flight typing on his laptop. I would have preferred one of the single seats, but I was happy to just have a window!
We pushed back a minute or two ahead of schedule and taxied out to the active. Due to the previous departure being a Cargolux 744, we held for quite a while on the runway to avoid any wake turbulence issues. Once we finally spooled up, it was quite a fast takeoff for this little jet.
 photo IMGA0437.jpg
 photo IMGA0439.jpg
 photo IMGA0440.jpg
 photo IMGA0443.jpg
 photo IMG_0126.jpg

Passing the Sunny Isles

 photo IMG_0128.jpg


 photo IMG_0130.jpg
 photo IMG_0132.jpg

Clouding over again.

 photo IMG_0133.jpg
 photo IMG_20130412_222942.jpg
 photo IMG_0134.jpg
Shortly after departure, the lone cabin crew member, an older but quite good looking blonde with a Hispanic accent started the drinks service. Upon reaching my row, she handed me a beer, courtesy of Mr 1A – the guy who I’d chatted with at the gate – cheers!
 photo IMG_20130412_223645.jpg
The rest of the flight was a little turbulent, an there was quite a bit of cloud around.
 photo IMG_0135.jpg
 photo IMG_20130412_230406.jpg

Interesting that American Eagle have their own inflight mag.

Once we reached Northern Florida the clouds cleared.
 photo IMG_0136.jpg
 photo IMG_0138.jpg
 photo IMG_0139.jpg
A little sooner than expected, descent started. Conditions were pretty good in Atlanta meaning there were some good views to be had. We followed a DL 738 pretty much all the way down.
 photo IMGA0453.jpg
 photo IMGA0450.jpg
 photo IMG_0140.jpg
 photo IMGA0451.jpg
 photo IMGA0456.jpg
 photo IMGA0457.jpg
 photo IMGA0458.jpg
Landing was made quite a bit ahead of schedule and we made our way over to concourse T.
 photo IMGA0462.jpg
 photo IMGA0463.jpg
 photo IMGA0467.jpg
 photo IMG_0141.jpg
Shortly before arriving at the gate the cabin crew announced a list of connections and what gates they would be departing from, including the flight to London – although no mention of which airline. After disembarking, I had to make my way over to the new concourse F – at the complete opposite end of the airfield to where I already was. I knew that there was a transit, but wasn’t brilliantly signposted once you came out of the jetbridge. After some wondering I found my way.
 photo IMG_20130413_000344.jpg
 photo IMG_20130413_000505.jpg
 photo IMG_20130413_000632.jpg
Arrival at concourse F was a few moments later, and what a fancy terminal it was
 photo IMG_0142.jpg
 photo IMG_0143.jpg
 photo IMG_0144.jpg
 photo IMG_20130413_002903.jpg
I headed down to the previously announced gate F5, but on the way I spotted this.
 photo IMG_20130413_003027.jpg
Interestingly there wasn’t an aircraft on stand yet. I would have thought there would be if everything was running on time? Due to this, I went to see what this new concourse had to offer.
 photo IMG_0145.jpg
 photo IMG_0146.jpg
Upon arriving back at the gate, there still wasn’t an aircraft on stand, and now a 35-minute delay was showing. Now I had no more connections to make though, this didn’t bother me.
 photo IMG_0147.jpg
A few moments later G-VIIN arrived.
 photo IMG_0149.jpg
 photo IMG_0151.jpg
 photo IMG_0153.jpg
 photo IMG_0157.jpg
 photo IMG_0160.jpg
I sat and waited for the next hour or so, until I was paged by the ground staff. While I was waiting, I overheard one of the other crew members trying to move people around. I figured I was either being upgraded or thrown off, much like the last time I was paged to go and see somebody. In reality it was neither – my boarding pass was checked, I was asked if I had any checked luggage and everything was handed back to me. Hmm strange.
Boarding was called at just before 21:40. As usual, everybody was either flying in first, club or had frequent flyer status. I eventually made it on board around 22:00 and was pleased to see it was one of the refurbished 777’s.
 photo IMG_20130413_025634.jpg
Amazingly, this was my first flight on a 777 of any variant. I’ve even logged two 787’s, so glad I could finally get one in the books!
 photo BAlogo.jpg
12th April 2013
777-236ER / G-VIIN
Seat: 23A / World Traveller Plus
Scheduled: 21:25/10:30
Off Stand: 22:16
On Stand: 11:05

 photo IMG_20130413_030105.jpg
 photo IMG_20130413_030214.jpg
Once onboard, I settled in, my seat mate turned up, immediately removed his shoes and socks and fell asleep. The fact he was dressed in running gear, and the fact I saw him doing various excursuses in the gate area might have explained the smell… lovely. The flight crew came over the PA announced a quick flying time of 7hours and 10minutes and apologized about the delay, blaming it on the late arrival of the aircraft from London – well yeah, I figured.
 photo IMG_20130413_030305.jpg
 photo IMG_20130413_030352.jpg
 photo IMG_20130413_030426.jpg
So lets have a quick look around this new BA cabin.
 photo IMG_20130413_030219.jpg
 photo IMG_20130413_030731.jpg

Handy iPad storage.

 photo IMG_20130413_031112.jpg
 photo IMGA0475.jpg
 photo IMGA0476.jpg
 photo IMGA0477.jpg
 photo IMGA0478.jpg
 photo IMG_20130413_035415.jpg

Much better noise cancelling headphones

 photo IMG_0172.jpg
 photo IMG_0174.jpg
 photo IMGA0487.jpg
As I was one of the last to board, it wasn’t a very long wait before the engines were started and we pushed back – yes, the engines were started on stand. As we weren’t too far from the end of the runway, there was a bit of a hold whilst the cabin was prepared. Eventually at just before 22:40, an hour and fifteen behind schedule, we took off. This was the first time I’d been in a 777 of any variant. I was quite surprised at how quiet it was. A few of the sounds also reminded me if the Dreamliner, so obviously a few shared components – but hopefully not the batteries.
 photo IMG_0162.jpg
 photo IMG_0163.jpg
 photo IMG_0165.jpg
 photo IMG_0166.jpg
 photo IMG_0167.jpg
Shortly after departure, a drinks service was brought around, but no menus this time.
 photo IMG_20130413_040455.jpg
 photo IMG_0170.jpg
Then over an hour later, dinner was served. There was a choice of beef or pasta. I chose the pasta, a spinach and mushroom ravioli. Tasted very good.
 photo IMG_0175.jpg
 photo IMG_0177.jpg
After this, I continued to watch the latest James Bond film, and settled down.
 photo IMG_20130413_035528.jpg
 photo IMG_0169.jpg
Annoyingly, I missed the end of the film, but I did manage a good sleep, waking up a few hours later.
 photo IMG_0180.jpg
 photo IMG_0181.jpg
 photo IMG_0182.jpg
 photo IMG_20130413_082411.jpg
Shortly after waking up, I watched an episode of family guy.
 photo IMG_20130413_093353.jpg
And then breakfast was served.
 photo IMG_0185.jpg
 photo IMG_0187.jpg
After this, I was finally released from my seat and I went for a walk down the back – interesting to notice that BA still use the 9 abreast seating on their 777’s rather than the more popular 10.
 photo IMG_20130413_095731.jpg
 photo IMGA0485.jpg

Pretty small economy cabin

Around forty minutes before arrival, the captain was on informing us of our progress. He also mentioned we would be in the Ockham hold for about five minutes.
 photo IMG_0188.jpg
Despite the refit, theres still the awkwardly placed IFE boxes.
 photo IMG_20130413_101558.jpg
 photo IMG_20130413_101602.jpg
 photo IMG_0189.jpg
It was pretty cloudy, so not much to be seen until on finals at around 3000ft.
 photo IMGA0492.jpg
 photo IMGA0494.jpg
 photo IMGA0496.jpg
 photo IMGA0499.jpg
 photo IMGA0500.jpg
 photo IMGA0503.jpg
Touchdown was on 27R and we made the short taxi over to T5C.
 photo IMGA0505.jpg
 photo IMGA0508.jpg
 photo IMGA0509.jpg
There was a bit of a wait to disembark due to a jetty driver not being found. I’ve had this problem before – surely they know the plane is coming, so why not have all the people in place ready in advance?
Once off, it was on to the transit and up to arrivals.
 photo IMG_20130413_112931.jpg
 photo IMG_20130413_111516.jpg
 photo IMG_20130413_112113.jpg
 photo IMG_20130413_112156.jpg
Once again I used my e passport to avoid the worst of the queues but it still took around ten minutes to get through. After this, it was to the bus stop for the coach home.
 photo IMG_20130413_113008.jpg
 photo IMG_20130413_113341.jpg
So conclusions,
British Airways were their typical selves really – especially on the European routes. The World traveller Plus cabin on the 744 felt a little tired, but was sufficient enough. I also feel that priority boarding would have been a good addition, that wouldn’t cost a thing. However the updated product on the 777 was very comfortable indeed and felt a lot more roomy and comfortable.
American Airlines are a funny airline really. Their ground staff really weren’t anything special at all – especially in my hour of need at Washington. I also feel they could have handled the delay in Chicago a little better than they did. The flight crew were the complete opposite though. Seems like there’s just niggling little things stopping them from being a good airline. Although not having travelled with the likes of Delta, United, Jetblue etc. from reading reports from them, they all appear to have the edge service wise.

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