American | B738/B752/MD80 | SXM-MIA-DFW-LAS | First Class

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Booking for this part was made through the AA website. The schedules meant I either had to choose an overnight stop in MIA or DFW. I chose MIA as that was my entry point to the USA, therefore any hold ups at immigration wouldn’t be an issue.
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Once more, I could pre-select my meals:
 photo Mealchoice.png
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For those of you who read the first part, you’ll remember that I arrived into SXM minus my bag. Luckily, it did eventually turn up, but it was a bit of a drawn out process – involving multiple phone calls to both the airport in SXM and the HQ in Miami. The general opinion was “we don’t know where it is”. Even the bag tracker on the AA website was if the same opinion.
 photo USA142007.jpg
Finally, after making a visit back to SXM I was eventually reunited with my bag.
 photo USA142014.jpg
I’ll start off with a few pics of my time on the island:
The famous beach – I wish all Monday mornings were like that!:
 photo USA142001.jpg
 photo USA142006.jpg
 photo USA142011.jpg
 photo USA142008.jpg
 photo USA142009.jpg
 photo USA142010.jpg
The small town of Maho Beach:
 photo USA142002.jpg
 photo USA142003.jpg
Around the Sonesta resort:
 photo USA142004.jpg
And of course, a few shots of the arrivals into SXM:
 photo USA142005.jpg
 photo USA142013.jpg
 photo USA142015.jpg
 photo USA142016.jpg
 photo USA142017.jpg
 photo USA142018.jpg
 photo USA142019.jpg
 photo USA142020.jpg
 photo USA142021.jpg
 photo USA142022.jpg
Something major was on approach…
 photo USA142023.jpg
 photo USA142024.jpg
 photo USA142025.jpg
 photo USA142026.jpg
AF A343 heading back off once more:
 photo USA142012.jpg
DL as seen from the hotel bar:
 photo USA142028.jpg
 photo USA142027.jpg
When it was time to leave, I made the twenty minute walk back to the airport from my hotel.
 photo USA142029.jpg
 photo USA142030.jpg
Once there,I was informed that all the computer systems were down,therefore everything would have to be processed manually.
 photo USA142031.jpg
 photo USA142032.jpg
I was given an interesting looking boarding pass and made my way upstairs to departures.
 photo USA142033.jpg
I headed for the lounge, but was informed that it was privately owned, therefore American passengers weren’t eligible. I still managed to access it though via my Airport Angel card.
 photo USA142034.jpg
 photo USA142035.jpg
 photo USA142050.jpg
Around thirty minutes ahead of scheduled boarding, I made my way down to the gate, just as today’s jet was pulling on to stand.
 photo USA142036.jpg
 photo USA142055.jpg
There was a bit of a delay to boarding, but this allowed me to watch a couple more arrivals and take a look at what was around.
 photo USA142049.jpg

I’d missed this one land by a couple of seconds when I left my hotel.

 photo USA142056.jpg
 photo USA142057.jpg
 photo USA142060.jpg
 photo USA142067.jpg
When boarding did begin I was the first on board.
 photo AAlogo.jpg
September 2014
Boeing 737-800 / N883NN
Seat: 5A/ First Class
Scheduled: 14:14/17:22
Off Stand: 14:30
On Stand: 17:30

I was pleased to see that this one, despite the old livery, had the Boeing Sky Interior. This makes a huge improvement to the 737 I find.
 photo USA142037.jpg
 photo USA142038.jpg
 photo USA142039.jpg
 photo USA142068.jpg
Boarding continued, until the last few passengers made their way in board at random five to ten minute intervals… In your own time. This didn’t matter however, as the captain informed us that the earlier power outage meant that everything was being done manually, therefore it was taking a little longer than usual. Boarding drinks were handed out.
 photo USA142040.jpg
Once we finally did pushback, it was a quick process.
 photo USA142041.jpg
We held at the end of the runway for a minute or two so everybody on Maho Beach could get a good grip on the fence, before we pulled into position.
 photo USA142042.jpg
 photo USA142043.jpg
 photo USA142044.jpg

The Sonesta hotel seen from the plane

Once there, it was a very powerful takeoff before making a barrel roll to the right to avoid the mountain at the end of the runway. It was then out over the sea and more or less the last of the views.
 photo USA142045.jpg
 photo USA142046.jpg
 photo USA142047.jpg
 photo USA142073.jpg
Some ten minutes after departure, the purser came around, welcomed me by name and confirmed my dinner order. A few moments later, hot towels were given out.
 photo USA142048.jpg
Followed by the drinks – and this time around, they’d remembered to load the warm nuts too.
 photo USA142075.jpg
During this time, no less than four pax from economy came up and used the forward washroom, despite the curtain being drawn. The purser looked quite irritated by this, but didn’t say anything. Surely an announcement saying it’s for first class only would have solved the problem?
 photo USA142074.jpg
The meal service continued
 photo USA142076.jpg
 photo USA142077.jpg
 photo USA142078.jpg
Following this, I watched a video on my iPad, after which descent started.
 photo USA142051.jpg
 photo USA142079.jpg
It was definitely an interesting descent – due to the storms around, it was a bit of a roller coaster ride. My seatmate decided to make good use of the the sick bag during this time too…
 photo USA142080.jpg
 photo USA142052.jpg
 photo USA142081.jpg
 photo USA142082.jpg
 photo USA142083.jpg
 photo USA142053.jpg
 photo USA142054.jpg
 photo USA142058.jpg
 photo USA142059.jpg
We landed into a surprisingly dry MIA and made the long journey over to our stand at the opposite side of the airport.
 photo USA142061.jpg
 photo USA142062.jpg
 photo USA142063.jpg
I made my way through to immigration, via the sky train. It appeared the storm we had flown through a few minutes ago was slowly rolling into town.
 photo USA142084.jpg
 photo USA142064.jpg
 photo USA142065.jpg
 photo USA142066.jpg
After seeing that despite being in one of the shortest queues it was taking the longest, I thought that maybe the officer may be a little on the strict side. How wrong was I! He was an easy going Caribbean guy who was very well humoured. And more concerned about changing his chair than interrogating me. I was stamped into the country again, and made my way through to baggage claim, hoping I would be a little more successful this time. I was, but I still had to wait a while – the agents in SXM hadn’t placed the priority tag all that well – can you see it?! Trust me, its there…
 photo USA142069.jpg
After this, it was a reasonably long line to clear customs before heading on to a shuttle to my hotel for the night, the Hilton at MIA.
 photo USA142070.jpg
 photo USA142071.jpg
I arrived at the hotel, and was checked in by the manager who seemed very pleased to see that I was a HHonours member. This hotel was great value – a standard room was £72, where as a one bedroom suite with a balcony overlooking the airport came to £80. Eight pounds well spent!
 photo USA142085.jpg
 photo USA142086.jpg
 photo USA142087.jpg
 photo USA142088.jpg
 photo USA142089.jpg
 photo USA142090.jpg
 photo USA142091.jpg
 photo USA142092.jpg
 photo USA142093.jpg
I had toyed with the idea of heading into town for the evening, however as I’d visited Miami many times before, the rain had now turned up with a vengeance, and I had a decent room to spend the evening in, I decided against it. Instead, it was some massively overpriced room service with a couple of beers that I’d “borrowed” from the minibar in SXM.
 photo USA142094.jpg
 photo USA142095.jpg
At 4:30 the following morning, my alarm was going off and I was heading back to the airport once more.
 photo USA142124.png
 photo USA142096.jpg
 photo USA142097.jpg
I was checked in by a business friendly agent and I then took the walk to the lounge.
 photo USA142098.jpg
 photo USA142099.jpg
Once more, it was massively underwhelming.
 photo USA142101.jpg
 photo USA142100.jpg
 photo USA142102.jpg
 photo USA142103.jpg
 photo USA142123.jpg

This mornings ride being prepared beneath us

I made my way down to the gate just a few minutes before boarding was due to begin.
 photo AAlogo.jpg
September 2014
Boeing 757-200 / N635NN
Seat: 4F / First Class
Scheduled: 07:15/09:25
Off Stand: 07:11
On Stand: 08:59

Almost immediately, my seatmate was pestering me to swap seats with his wife who was in the aisle seat in front. This is a seemingly common occurrence lately. In the days of being able to pre book your seats on line, and even check in online I take the stance that there’s really no excuse to not get your desired seat – and even if all that fails, get to the airport early and claim one there.
 photo USA142126.jpg
We pushed back and made a very short taxi over to the runway.
 photo USA142104.jpg
 photo USA142105.jpg
After waiting a minute or two for a company 777 to land, it was our turn or make the characteristic powerful 757 takeoff.
 photo USA142106.jpg
 photo USA142107.jpg
 photo USA142108.jpg
 photo USA142109.jpg
Much like the previous flights, shortly after departure the breakfast orders were taken, as well as drink orders.
 photo USA142110.jpg

A bit of turbulence here, hence the slightly odd angle of the water.

 photo USA142131.jpg
These were dished out a while later.
 photo USA142135.jpg
I must admit it wasn’t that great – quite stodgy and very sweet. Although I’m not a fan of American breakfasts in general really.
 photo USA142130.jpg
I spent the rest of the flight reading through the small print of my travel insurance – wondering if I could claim anything back from the clothes I had to buy when my bag was lost. Turned out to be quite an amusing read, especially the part about dying being a valid reason for cutting your trip short!
 photo USA142117.jpg
Descent started and the first officer announced that she would have us on stand twenty minutes ahead of schedule. The cabin crew also announced the connecting gate information as well as info on how to find the AAdmirals clubs at DFW.
 photo USA142140.jpg
During descent, mints were handed out. We were treated to some good views of Dallas on approach – before heading out into the middle of nowhere.
 photo USA142141.jpg
 photo USA142142.jpg
 photo USA142120.jpg
 photo USA142121.jpg
 photo USA142122.jpg
We touched down more than a few minutes ahead of schedule, after chasing our shadow for the last few miles.
 photo USA142111.jpg
 photo USA142112.jpg
 photo USA142113.jpg
Luckily though, we didn’t have the same issues that was suffered at JFK last year – where it took us forty minutes to find a spare gate – due to the size of the AA operation here at DFW it was easy enough to find a new gate. It was then off into a very bland looking DFW.
 photo USA142114.jpg
I made my way on to the skytrain to the C gates, where my next flight was due to depart from and headed up to the lounge. This place was pretty big, therefore not too busy, but still offered virtually nothing in the way of free food or drink.
 photo USA142115.jpg
 photo USA142116.jpg
 photo USA142118.jpg
 photo USA142119.jpg
 photo USA142125.jpg
I made use of the free wifi and made a phonecall home (that didn’t cost a penny, thanks to Three’s feel at home plan – well worth it if you travel abroad a bit), before heading down to the gate a good hour or so before departure, for my second retro experience of the day.
 photo USA142145.jpg
Boarding began, and for the first time in the US, there was a mass stampede towards the door. Luckily though, the boarding order was strictly enforced and I was through pretty quickly.
 photo AAlogo.jpg
September 2014
MD83 / N597AA
Seat: 6F / First Class
Scheduled: 11:30/12:20
Off Stand: 11:31
On Stand: 12:11

Almost immediately I noticed a difference in the cabin of this one. The seats seemed much bigger, but the legroom was maybe a little tighter.
 photo USA142146.jpg
 photo USA142127.jpg
Once more the cabin was in complete darkness. I’m starting to think its SOP for AA to close all the window blinds on the ground? One thing that does fascinate me though is how uninterested the rest if the cabin is in the outside world – on nearly all my flights, I’ve been the only person to open the window shades! The purser confirmed my meal choice, and offered everybody a drink of their choice. I declined, as pushback was near.
 photo USA142128.jpg
Once we did head backwards, the engines were started and we made our way over to the active very quietly.
 photo USA142129.jpg
The captain announced a flying time of two hours and twenty minutes and that there was just one aircraft ahead of us. We finally did take to the skies, and at this end of the plane it was very quiet. I’d imagine it was a different story down the back however.
 photo USA142147.jpg
 photo USA142148.jpg
Once we had reached a decent altitude, the seatbelt sign was switched off and another drink run was done. I chose a Dr Pepper this time.
 photo USA142132.jpg
It was a great clear day outside, so the views of Texas were pretty good as we flew overhead.
 photo USA142149.jpg
 photo USA142150.jpg
 photo USA142151.jpg
The slightly reduced space on this old lady was becoming more apparent. There was barely enough room to swing a SLR, so phone pics it had to be. And there was barely enough room in the centre console for two drinks, so I had to get a little creative.
 photo USA142133.jpg
A short while later, the lunch service began. It wasn’t too bad – far better than this mornings effort anyway.
 photo USA142136.jpg
 photo USA142137.jpg
 photo USA142139.jpg
After this, I reclined and read an ebook on my iPad, and continued to gaze outside as there was still no clouds or haze. With around thirty minutes to go, I could just about make out the engines spooling back. The captain announced our descent and mentioned that we would be passing the Grand Canyon in a few moments.
 photo USA142152.jpg
 photo USA142153.jpg
 photo USA142154.jpg
 photo USA142155.jpg
 photo USA142156.jpg
 photo USA142157.jpg
 photo USA142158.jpg
Following our tour of the Grand Canyon, we were pretty close to landing.
 photo USA142159.jpg
 photo USA142160.jpg
 photo USA142143.jpg
 photo USA142144.jpg
We made a reasonably hard touchdown and then made a long taxi over to the terminal. Upon arrival, there was no doubting I was in Vegas!
 photo USA142134.jpg
It was then on to a shuttle. It was a bit of an odd setup, where some airlines have to collect their bags in T1 and others in the new T3. In my case, it was T1.
 photo USA142138.jpg

Baggage claim area that was more like a casino

It was then on to the shuttle to my hotel. I had a bit of an issue when trying to choose a hotel here. Much like in Bangkok, due to the fact theres so many rooms here, they’re all very reasonably priced. Some Cheaper rooms can be found for as little at £9 a night… but rather than that, I splashed out the £30 a night for an upgraded room at The Tropicana though. The last time I’d stayed here was back in 1998. Despite this, it still looked reasonably familiar, despite getting a lick of paint.
 photo USA142161.jpg
 photo USA142162.jpg
 photo USA142163.jpg

Out of the frying pan…

And with that, I’d reached the final destination on this ticket.
AA performed well enough once more. The crew on the SXM-MIA sector seemed a little inexperienced but other than that, I had no major complaints. The only other niggle was the fact the same meal options were offered on all flights – if you’re a real regular flyer, I’d imagine it would get a little boring eating the same over and over.

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