American Airlines Basic Economy, LHR-DFW, 777-300ER

This Trip:

American Airlines
London Heathrow – Dallas Ft. Worth
Boeing 777-300ER, N727AN
Seat 39A
November 2019

After around 45 minutes in the lounge, I made my way down to the gate. American tends to use gates 27-40 at Heathrow, meaning a reasonable walk from both the lounge and the general departures area in T3.

American Gate signage


Boarding was actually announced early for this flight, which is something that I have noticed more often than now when flying with American. They are very punctual when it comes to boarding! Although as is nearly always the case at Heathrow, when it’s announced and when it actually begins are two completely different things.

Once boarding did officially begin, it was a little amusing – pretty much the whole gate area filled with phones going off announcing it! Although once more, this was a false alarm. The gate staff at Heathrow sure do like to force passengers to the gate as quickly as they can once it has been announced. Despite this, everything still started on time.

American 777

I made my way all the way back to my seat, and waited as the cabin slowly filled up. First impressions was that this was going to be a snug flight. It had been a good few years since I’d flown on a 10 abreast 777 and I hadn’t missed the experience one bit!

American Economy seating

Ready and waiting on my seat was a pack including a blanket and Pillow. Headphones were handed out once we had lifted off.

Each seat features a power point and USB charging


Pushback came pretty much on schedule. A flight time of 10h15 was given over to Dallas today, which the captain mentioned was a little longer than usual due to some strong headwinds once we hit the USA.

Between boarding and pushback, it had become very foggy out.

American Airlines 777 wingview

A slow but steady journey to the active runway followed, and we departed into the ever thickening fog at 10:15.

Just a few moments later, daylight was seen once more.

Passing South Wales

Onboard Service

The service began around ten minutes after departure. This consisted of pretzels being handed out from what can only be described as a bin bag, followed by a drinks run.

American Airlines Bar service

Once this was done, the main service began. Meal choices consisted of: Chicken and Rice or vegetarian pasta, accompanied by the usual salad, cheese and biscuits and small dessert. It was your standard plane food really. Filled a hole, but nothing overly spectacular.

American Economy Catering
American Economy Catering
American Economy Catering
American Economy Catering


As this would be a longer flight, I shelled out the $20 (around £15) for a full flight WiFi pass. From previous experience, I wasn’t expecting it to be that fast, however this time around it was perfectly usable. Although once we hit the mid Atlantic, that was it – I couldn’t connect after that. Luckily, after emailing their support the following day, the money was refunded within 24 hours.

One area that I find American is always strong is their entertainment options. More often than not, I struggle to find things to watch on board, and rely on proving my own. However, whenever I’ve flown American, I’ve nearly always found at least a couple of things to keep myself entertained. This flight was no different.

Snack Service

Mid flight the drink carts rolled out, and ice cream tubs were handed out. 

Ice cream

There was also a tray with juice, water and pretzels set out in the rear galley area.

Snack bar

Second Service

With around 90 minutes until arrival, the second service began. Much like my previous longhaul flight with American in November 2018, this consisted of a box of savoury snacks. Choices were spinach and cheese pies or pepperoni folded pizza.

American pre landing snack
American pre landing snack

This was followed with a round of drinks.

American pre landing snack


Despite the slightly longer flying time today, descent started around 55 minutes prior to our scheduled arrival time. As we approached, there were some good views of downtown Dallas.


Arrival on to stand was around 15 minutes early, as we were lucky to be allocated a runway pretty much right next to our final parking position.

American 777 cabin

The arrivals hall was pretty quiet, although any advantage I gained was lost. An issue I have found with the latest UK passports is that it doesn’t seem to be all that friendly to automated readers. The photo page is too reflective. As such, I had to see an officer who thought it was a little odd that I was returning to the US so soon after my previous visit. A secondary search followed which involved another officer searching my bag, but this wasn’t too much hassle.

My Thoughts

The main thing that sticks out for me from this flight was the seating. I have flown on a ten abreast 777 before, but it was many years ago. Plus that was only a few hours between Rio and Buenos Aires. For a 10+ hour flight, it wasn’t much fun at all. Still, I guess that’s the sacrifice we have to make in return for cheap air fares.

American 777 seating

Service wise, I can’t say too much stuck out. The crew were mostly fine. The on board catering was pretty much the same as from my previous long haul experience with American from a year previously.

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