American Airlines, Airbus A320, MSP-CLT, Economy

This Trip

With a 14:30 departure, the 12:00 check our from the hotel was perfectly timed. Minneapolis airport is served from downtown by the light rail system, which takes around 20 minutes.

Minneapolis LRT

Upon arrival, security wasn’t too painful, other than my bag being singled out for a secondary search. This was done without too much fuss though.

American Airlines check in

As there aren’t any OneWorld lounges in Minneapolis, it was a case of taking a walk of the terminal area. Minneapolis has a pretty good airport, so this wasn’t too much of an issue. I’ve found that most lounges in the US aren’t overly spectacular anyway so it wasn’t an issue.



Boarding began exactly at the time specified, which is a feature of American Airlines flights.

American A320

When group 2 was called, I was the only person who made my way forward. I figured this could have been due to the others boarding with group 1, but sure enough, I was the only person making my way to the rear of the aircraft.

American A320 cabin
American a320 cabin
American a320 cabin

This was the first time I’d been on an American A320. I have flown on plenty of A321’s, both ex US and Native American Airlines. I also flew on an ex US A319 between Atlanta and Miami in late 2018. The cabin of this one was better than expected though. Despite just having new seat covers fitted, the cabin of this one sure looked the part. The seats were perfectly comfortable too. Good job American!


Boarding was completed with 10 minutes to spare and a flight time of 1h50 to Charlotte was given.

Pushback came a couple of minutes ahead of schedule, however any advantage that was gained was immediately lost due to having to be de-iced on the way to the runway.


This took a lot longer than expected. Well over 45 minutes from pulling into the de-icing area to leaving. Eventually, the captain announced there was a minor technical issue that had to be sorted and that we would be on our way shortly.

Wing view
The view for more than a few minutes

A few moments after hanging up the phone, we were indeed on our way over to the active.

Takeoff came 1h10 after leaving the gate, so what promised to be an early arrival meant that we would now likely arrive into Charlotte a little late.

American takeoff

Onboard Service

The crew took a while to bring the service trolleys around. In the meantime, I had a bit of a nap. By the time I woke up, the trolley was at my row. The service was identical to the previous flights with American.

American Airlines catering
American cabin


Descent started into the sunset.


Touchdown came into a new airport for me, and a pretty lengthy taxi followed.

We arrived on to stand around 30 minutes behind schedule.

American tails

My Thoughts

Service wise, this flight was much the same as any other flight I’ve had with American in economy. Comfort wise however, the former US Airways Economy seats were surprisingly comfortable. The hold up on the ground in Minneapolis was a little frustrating. I understand things happen, but how hard is it to make a quick PA to let everyone know what was going on?!

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