Alitalia | Airbus A319 | FLR-FCO | Economy

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Alitalia | Airbus A321 | LHR-FCO | Economy
Hilton Garden Inn, Rome Fiumicino
Alitalia | Airbus A319 | FCO-FLR | Economy
Hilton, Florence Metropole
Alitalia | Airbus A319 | FLR-FCO | Economy
Airline: Alitalia
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Route: Florence – Rome
Flight number: AZ1678
Seat number: 18A
Cabin: Economy
Flight date: May 2016

Check In / Security
Check in was a little busy as I had arrived a little later than usual. There wasn’t a queue in the priority line however, and I was seen within a couple of minutes.
Alitalia don’t have their own lounge here – instead its just the one third party lounge, which caters for all. It was before security and not the greatest – small, dark and basic. It didn’t even offer Wifi – you had to use the airports, which was pretty slow.
Boarding / Onboard
Boarding was made a little late, due to the inbound aircraft arriving a little late from Rome (although isn’t that always the excuse?). When it did get under way, it was done in what appeared to be typical Alitalia fashion – there was a priority line, but it wasn’t enforced in the slightest. Not that it really mattered anyway, as all flights are boarded by bus in Florence.
On board, I was met with the standard Alitalia cabin.
Not an awful lot can be said about the service on this flight – mainly because there was none, except for a tray of wet wipes handed out. Seemed a bit of an odd thing to hand out, especially as there wasn’t anything else given out food or beverage wise.
Despite the late start, due to some nicely padded scheduling, arrival was made more or less on time. Having said that, we then ended up being put on to a bus gate, which in turn took an age to get over to the terminal. Not what I needed with a shortish connection…
Not an awful lot to say about this part of the trip really, due to the thirty minute flying time and the almost complete lack of service on board, third party lounge and contract workers in Florence.
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