Airbus Deliver 350th A350

The 350th Airbus A350 was handed over to Air France this afternoon. Making the journey from Toulouse to Paris in around an hour, F-HTYD will be joining the three other A350 aircraft the airline has in service.

The first commercial flight of the Airbus A350 took place just over five years ago in January 2015 between Doha and Frankfurt.

Air France welcomed the type into their fleet in September 2019, before entering it into service in October 2019. The initial routing for the Air France A350 was between Paris CDG and Abidjan in the Ivory Coast.

Currently, Air France uses its small A350 fleet on flights to:

  • Abidjan
  • Bamako
  • Toronto
  • Cairo
  • Seoul

The airline will be sending the type to Bangkok for the summer 2020 season also.

Air France Airbus A350

By 2025, Air France plans to have 28 A350-900 aircraft in their fleet.

And the 351st Airbus A350?

British Airways is also expected to take delivery of another A350 this afternoon.

G-XWBE will be the fifth of the type delivered to British Airways since August 2019. Although as I have been finding out the hard way over the past few weeks, crew training on the type isn’t quite going to plan.

Things are running a little behind schedule in this regard. As such, the Tel Aviv flight which normally sees the A350 was switched to the Boeing 777 for the second weekend of February.

This resulted in G-XWBC being effectively grounded between lunch time on 7th February until late on the 11th February.

However, British Airways flights to Dubai, Toronto and Bengaluru have been operated as planned by the A350.

It’ll be interesting to see what they will do with another delivery. It would appear at the moment they only just have enough crew to run four. And even then, it seems to be a push.

Play back the Air France A350 delivery flight here:

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