Air Nostrum Business Class, CRJ1000, MAD-IBZ

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Air Nostrum Business Class, CRJ1000, MAD-IBZ
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Air Nostrum Business Class, CRJ1000, IBZ-MAD
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With a night that seemed longer than it actually was, it was back to the airport. Arrival at terminal 4 came less than 15 minutes after leaving the hotel, which was a lot quicker than last night.

One thing that Madrid does right is fast track security. Like all my previous visits, I was the only person there. Although I did notice that the agent supposedly manning the X-ray machine didn’t glance at it once whilst my bag was passing through. Instead, the chat that they were having with two other agents was seemingly far more important. Hmmm.

Either way, following this, it was just a few steps to the Iberia Schengen lounge. It was a little busier than I expected, but there were still more than a few seats around.

One thing I have noticed about both of the Iberia lounges in Madrid of late is that the food on offer is very basic at certain time’s of the day.

I waited here for around half an hour before heading on to the gate.

As Air Nostrum flights depart from the far end of the terminal, this meant a bit of a walk.

Air Nostrum
Madrid – Ibiza
Bombardier CRJ1000 EC-MJQ
Seat 2A
January 2020


As is seemingly standard practice with Iberia operated/handled flights, the advertised boarding time came and went, without even any gate staff turning up.

Around ten minutes later than advertised, boarding began. There was a slight issue, although I’m not entirely sure what. I was handed a scribbled out piece of paper with a new seat on it and sent on my way. Although it turned out the new seat was the one I had anyway, so who knows!

Once more, there was a hold in a breezy corridor for a few minutes before boarding proper began.

Air nostrum Crk

As it turned out, I was the only passenger travelling in the business class cabin on this flight.

Air nostrum Cabin
Air nostrum Cabin
Air nostrum Cabin

Shortly before pushback, a wet wipe was handed out. Something that doesn’t happen on mainline Iberia.

Air nostrum Service


Despite the slightly delayed start to boarding, we pushed back a few minutes ahead of schedule. A flight time of 50 minutes was given.

Passing the A340 that brought me to Madrid the previous evening.

Onboard Service

The service was started soon after the seatbelt sign went off. Another area where Air Nostrum is better than mainline Iberia is that a post departure drink of either juice or water is offered.

Air nostrum Catering

A few moments after that turned up, I was handed breakfast. This was a choice of pastry, plus bread, some fresh fruit and a yogurt. Not too much, but it was in line with what I’ve had on these Spanish domestic flights previously.

Air nostrum Catering
Air nostrum Catering
Air nostrum Catering


In flight entertainment came in the form of a streaming service. The selection wasn’t that great however.

Air nostrum IFE
Air nostrum IFE

As far as I could see, there wasn’t any internet connection to the outside world.

Air nostrum Cabin


By the time I had finished eating, descent had started.

Arrival was nicely ahead of schedule and it was a short bus journey over to arrivals.

Air nostrum crk


I gathered from looking at the seat map at online check in that the flight wasn’t particularly full up front. I wasn’t expecting to be the only person in the cabin though! Still, it made for a comfortable ride.

The meal service, like Iberia main line was identical to what I’ve been served on Air Nostrum flights previously – despite these coming a good couple of years ago.

Still, for less than an hours flight, it was perfectly acceptable.

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