Air Nostrum Business Class, CRJ1000, IBZ-MAD

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Air Nostrum Business Class, CRJ1000, IBZ-MAD
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For the return to the Spanish Mainland, it was once again a flight on the Air Nostrum CRK. 

The day started on a bus back to the airport.

It was on the bus ride that I was able to track my incoming flight. Turns out that I would be flying back to Spain on the same plane that had brought me to the island 24 hours previously.

Arrival at the airport came around 30 minutes later, after a random 10 minute stop along the way. 

As I had expected, the airport was virtually deserted. As such, I cleared security in just a minute or two. I took a brief walk of the terminal, and finding most of it closed, I headed for the lounge.

The airport operated lounge was basic but functional. It offered comfortable seating and a decent enough selection for breakfast. 

Although I suspect when the airport is in the more busier season, the lounge might struggle a little. Standing room only I suspect!

Air Nostrum
Ibiza – Madrid 
Bombardier CRJ 1000 EC-MJQ
Seat 1F
January 2020


As the incoming aircraft arrived more than a few minutes early, boarding began at the time advertised – which is somewhat of a rarity when flying Iberia! 

Unsurprisingly, it was downstairs and on to a bus… and it turned out that I had quite a jump on everyone else!

After a short drive, it was a walk across the tarmac to board the CRJ1000.

Air Nostrum CRK
Air Nostrum crk

Once more, I was able to select the bulkhead seat on this flight. Within Europe, it’s the only way to get any extra legroom when flying business class, unless the cabin goes back to the exit row. Which does happen on the odd occasion, but is definitely the exception rather than the norm.

Air Nostrum cabin
Air Nostrum cabin
Air Nostrum cabin

Before the second bus turned up, I was offered a wet wipe – which said to me that once again, I would be the only person in the business class cabin. Once the door slammed shut, it turned out that this was indeed the case. 

Air Nostrum amenities


The engines were started on schedule and we made our way over to the runway. As half of the main taxi way was closed, this meant taxiing the full length of the runway before spinning around once we reached the other end. 

Onboard Service

Once we were airborne, the service started almost straight away. The crew member asked if I would like something to eat, saying that there was a choice of “omelette with ham or… ermmm ham”. I went of the omelette with ham.

Air Nostrum catering

Along with this, I took an orange juice. I also ordered a coffee.

Air Nostrum catering
Air Nostrum catering

Once I was served, both crew members disappeared to the economy section to do the buy on board run. 

Air Nostrum cabin


Being on exactly the same plane that flew me to Ibiza, the IFE was identical too. Basically a streaming service to your own device, with not too much in the way of content. 

Crossing into the mainland


Descent started around 30 minutes after takeoff. During this time, the flight deck made their first announcement of the day, although I didn’t understand a word of what was said!

Touchdown was made into an unusually murky Madrid on almost the complete opposite side of the airport to where the Air Nostrum gates are. Therefore, a fairly lengthy taxi followed.

This wasn’t an issue though, as we were running early anyway. The end result being that we arrived on to stand more than 15 minutes ahead of schedule. 

Air Nostrum CRK
Air Nostrum CRK

Rather than hang around the airport until my next flight, I took the opportunity to head into the city for a couple of hours. 


Once more, a comfortable flight with Air Nostrum. Although yet again, it was the exact same meal I was served on a flight 18 months previously! Other than this, the crew were good enough for the little interaction I had with them. And with the flight being empty up front once again, it made things that much more comfortable. Air Nostrum generally doesn’t leave the adjacent seat free in Business Class, so if the flight is full, there’s very little difference to travelling in economy.

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