Air New Zealand Outlines Crew Safety Measures

Air New Zealand crew have received information on how to remain safe down route. And the rules are pretty strict!

In preparation for the airline returning operations to the USA, the following plans have been laid out:

  • Crew are not allowed to leave their hotel
  • Crew are forbidden from using the hotels facilities, such as the gym or swimming pool
  • Only food that has been delivered to the room can be consumed. Obviously room service is a given. But what about the likes of Uber Eats etc?
  • Upon return from the trip, the crew must go into self isolation for 48 hours. They must then take a COVID test, and remain in quarantine until the results are returned.

For medium risk locations, such as Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong, the crew are permitted to leave their hotel for one hour every 24 hour period. There’s nothing set out saying what the crew can/can’t do during this time. So presumably eating out is allowed.

Furthermore, domestic and international crew on the Airbus A320 won’t mix.

More obvious changes to pre-Covid times are that the staff must wear masks and gloves throughout the airport and whilst interacting with passengers on board.

Whist these rules appear quite strict on the outside, it’s with good reason. New Zealand has done a good job containing the virus so far. This included going 100+ days without recording a single case. Therefore it’s understandable they would want the national airline to take every precaution to prevent any further import of the virus.

What About The Others?

These rules are a stark contrast to what British Airways have set out for their crew. Basically, abide by the local laws. So in the USA, anything goes. Where as in Hong Kong and Singapore, the crew remain in their rooms, with an added bonus of having to take a Covid test in London before departure to Hong Kong.

For flights to India, British Airways crew can leave their room freely. However they must wear a Hazmat suit during boarding.

(Whilst there are many other airlines out there, I’m only in contact with British Airways staff. Therefore thats the only info I could get from the horses mouth so to speak)

Air New Zealand set out new crew rules

Images (c) Air New Zealand

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