Air France: Toulouse-Paris, Economy

This Trip

The day started out pretty relaxed at the hotel, on the terrace for breakfast.


At around 10:30, I made my way back to the airport. This was easier said than done though. The airport bus only took cash and nearly all the cash machines I could find were boarded up due to the protests the day before.

I eventually found one, and was back at the airport by 11:30.

Toulouse Airport

As usual, I could bypass check in as I had a mobile boarding pass.

Toulouse Aeroport

Despite there being a fast track, it was only the sort where you could skip to the front of the non-existent queue. As such, I had no real advantage.

After passing through a more interesting duty free shop than usual, it was up to a lounge that I’ve visited many times before.

Duty Free

Salon La Croix du Sud

Salon La Croix du Sud

This is the one and only lounge in the airport. I’ve passed through on a weekday before and it’s been chaos. On the weekends though, it’s not too bad.

The downstairs area really isn’t anything special

Salon La Croix du Sud

However if you venture upstairs it’s a different story.

Salon La Croix du Sud

Recently refurbished, it’s like a completely different lounge to downstairs. The food and drink options are still not brilliant, but it’s a very pleasant place to wait – and as most people don’t seem to realise it’s there, you’re nearly always sure to be the only person up here too.


After around 45 minutes or so in the lounge, I made my way down to the gate.

Air France Gate Area

Despite the staff arriving as boarding was due to get started, there wasn’t too much of a delay and boarding began fairly quickly….

Air France A321

… well, as far as the seemingly now standard hold on the jet bridge. It was only a brief hold however, and I took my seat of 2F. I purposely chose a seat as far forward as possible on this flight as I’d have a reasonably tight connection to make once I’d arrived in Paris.

Air France Domestic cabin
Air France Domestic Seating
A trick I’ve learned to gain an extra inch or so from the Recaro seat
Air France Domestic


Boarding was complete around ten minutes before our scheduled departure. The captain announced a flying time of 1h10 minutes.

Pushback came a couple of minutes ahead of schedule and a quick taxi over to the runway followed. Takeoff was at 13:15, meaning that we would likely arrive on to stand in Paris on schedule, if not a few minutes early.

Wingview onboard Air France
Wingview onboard Air France

Onboard Service

The drinks carts rolled out of the galley 15 minutes after departure. Service wise, it was identical to the service to Toulouse from Paris.

Air France domestic catering
Air France catering


Descent started and once the seatbelt sign was switched on, the purser came and gave me information on my connecting flight and directions on where I needed to go. I had a rough idea anyway, but always good to get it confirmed.

Descent onboard Air France

It was a pretty breezy day in Paris, which meant a bit of a roller coaster ride on approach, along with the engines earning their keep.

Approach onboard Air France

As expected, touchdown came at 14:25, but any advantage was lost as we landed on the furthest runway from our final parking position. By the time I made it off the plane, it was pretty much the scheduled arrival time, so I guess you can’t say fairer than that.

Air France A321

My Thoughts

Much the same as the previous flight really. In fact, it was almost identical. Same seats, same catering… Although the crew did seem a little warmer and friendly on this flight.

The lounge in Toulouse remains fairly solid, provided you use the upstairs area. I cant help but wonder if/when the downstairs area will get a similar refurb. Although being the only lounge in the airport, closing it for a refurb could prove difficult.

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