Air France: Paris-London Heathrow, Economy

This Trip:

After arriving from Toulouse, it was a bit of a rush through the airport. Things ran a lot more smoothly than previous visits though, and it turned out I had around 35 minutes in the lounge.


Air France Lounge, Terminal 2E, Paris

Just as I remembered from many years ago. And not in a particularly good way either. It was still crowded as I remembered. And the food wasn’t anything particularly special either. Not much more to be said, as I didn’t stay too long.

The lounge itself is split into two halves as you enter. To the left is a more open space. To the right is a more lounge themed area. The food and beverage options are the same in both sides however.

Air France Lounge, CDG


Just as boarding was due to begin, it was discovered that the planned aircraft had a technical issue. This meant a 40 minute delay to proceedings. There was a call for people to see the customer service desk, but I’m not totally sure why.

Air France gate area

Rather than join a queue for seemingly no reason, or head back to the lounge, I took a walk in the terminal.

Paris CDG 2E

At 16:15, an A319 arrived on to stand – meaning the scheduled A320 had been swapped to an A319. Shame it wasn’t an A318!

Boarding began around 45 minutes after our scheduled departure time. There did appear to be a lot of confusion as to who was sat where. No idea why? Just go with the latest documentation you were given?

Air France European Cabin
Air France European Cabin


Departure was further delayed by bad weather in London meaning that movements were restricted in the area.

We pushed back and made a reasonably slow taxi over to the runway. We finally departed around 1h30 later than planned.

Onboard Air France

On Board Service

Not too long after departure the crew started the onboard service. I was expecting much the same as was found on the Heathrow – Paris sector of this trip, as that’s what I’d experienced on every other international Air France flight I’d taken previously. However I was pleasantly surprised when a pack of three tasty cakes were handed out.

Air France Catering
Air France Catering

Along with this was a choice of beverages.

Air France catering
Air France Cabin


By the time I’d finished eating, we were well into our descent. There was a little bit of holding, but only one lap towards the South East of London.

Air France in the hold

We were vectored on to finals and touched down on runway 27R over an hour behind schedule.


We actually ended up losing time on this flight rather than making any up, so maybe a bit more schedule padding needed in the Air France timings.

This arrival into Terminal 4 was a lot more straightforward than my last, and I was through pretty quickly.

T4 Arrival

My Thoughts

You may have noticed that this report was a little on the brief side. Well, that’s because there really wasn’t much to say about this 45 minute hop.

The delay was an inconvenience, although as it wasn’t too late or I didn’t have any connections to make, it didn’t really affect me personally all that much.

Of note though was that it was welcome to have a very different catering option on this flight as opposed to the flight from London to Paris.

The Air France lounge in Paris continues to confuse. Seeing as this is their home base and T2E caters to the airlines long haul flights, I would have expected a little more to be honest. It wasn’t particularly bad as such (if you over look the crowding), it just lacked any real wow factor. I personally find the Schengen lounges that Air France offer at CDG far better options.

Something Else To Note

You may have noticed the pictures in this report look a little different. Rather than go for the straight out of the camera (or phone in my case), I decided maybe I should go for a “signature look”.

But what are your thoughts? Should I use a filter going forward or stick to the organic look?

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