AC Hotel Cuzco, Madrid

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As I had a 15:50 departure from Madrid, I could quite easily stay in the city. Although all the hotels at the airport were far cheaper. One that wasn’t too outrageously priced was the AC Cuzco.

AC Hotel Cuzco

As an added bonus, it was conveniently located for the Metro from the airport. Knowing how the shuttles work at the airport, it would likely take less time to get here than waiting for the shuttle.

The first time I visited Madrid back in 2012, this was where I stayed. I recall it being generally good, so this is what I went for.

I would have liked to get an IHG stay under my belt for the year, however the Holiday Inn in this area has recently closed.

Check In

Despite arriving at 11pm, there was a bit of a wait at check in. There was a large group and a family ahead of me, all taking their time somewhat. Then there was a further delay when a guy walked in and straight up to the front desk.

When I was finally seen, the usual paperwork was done, but as I had pre paid there was no need to see my card. Good!

The Room

I was allocated a room on the top floor.

Upon entering, it was a little different to how I remembered, which was good as that means there had been a refurbishment in the previous 8 years! The room was of a good size, with the bathroom on the left.

AC Hotel Cuzco bathroom

Everything in here was spotless, and there was a full sized shower.

AC Hotel Cuzco Bathroom

Along with the usual amenities.

Moving on to the bedroom, there was a king sized bed with power points nearby.

AC Hotel Cuzco Room

At the far end of the room there was a lounge area. This was in lieu of a desk area. There was a decent sized table though, which meant that it was the best of both worlds.

AC Hotel Cuzco Room

Along the front of the room was a minibar, Nespresso machine and a decent sized tv. I couldn’t comment on what channels were available though, as I didn’t turn it on! The last time around though, I seem to remember there only being local channels however.

The provided Wi-fi was of a good speed.

AC Hotel Cuzco WiFi speed

Alongside the minibar was room service.

AC Hotel Cuzco Room service menu

Downstairs was a well stocked bar, with a lounge type area.


The AC Hotel Cuzco is a generally decent hotel, which despite being a little way out of town, is still well located. In fact I’d say it is in an almost perfect location convenience wise for both the airport and the city centre. One minor issue I had though was the noise. Being situated on a fairly main road, even during the night there was a bit of traffic. And the rooms weren’t all that soundproofed. Despite being on the top floor, I still heard some traffic noise.

AC Hotel Cuzco View

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