AC Hotel Coslada Aeropuerto

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AC Hotel Coslada Aeropuerto
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Normally when staying the night at Madrid Airport, my go to hotel is the Crowne Plaza. However another hotel that I’ve always looked at is the AC Hotel Coslada Aeropuerto.

As the AC was a lot cheaper on this occasion, this was the winner this time around.

Normally in Madrid, no matter which hotel I go for, I seemingly always end up waiting an absolute age for the shuttle.

This time however, I was in luck. The shuttle was ready and waiting! Perfect.

Check In

I had checked in online, although like every other time I had done this, it made no difference whatsoever to the procedure when I reached the hotel. Unusually, there was no mention of a credit card needed – neither for a pre-authorisation nor actually paying for the room itself. All that was mentioned was that I had been given an upgrade.

No idea why though, as despite being a Bonvoy member, I don’t currently hold any status with them. The upgrade was welcome though.

I made my way up to the first floor.

The Room

Upon entering the room, it was business as usual. The bathroom was on the left as I entered. It was well appointed with the usual furniture, although I’m not too sure about the glass sink. I’ve experienced this a couple of times previously and it’s not really to my taste. Looks a little industrial to me!

AC Hotel Coslada
AC Hotel Coslada

Other than this, there were a good number of amenities.

AC Hotel Coslada

The shower had very good water pressure, which is always welcome.

Moving on to the rest of the room, and as this was a more premium room, a Nespresso machine was provided. Handy, as I could do with a few more pods for my machine at home…

AC Hotel Coslada

Moving on to the room itself, there was a king sized bed, which I managed to sleep just fine in.

AC Hotel Coslada

The room was larger than the standard, meaning there was a decent lounge area set up at the far end.

AC Hotel Coslada

Also in this area was a small work space.

AC Hotel Coslada

A large flat screen TV was also provided, although it was mostly local channels. There were a couple of English news channels, although I didn’t pay too much attention to them.

AC Hotel Coslada

There was a small gift provided on the bed.

One slightly pressing issue was that with my room at least, there was no way to lock the door. It didn’t look like there was ever a chain/bolt fitted and the main lock wasn’t present.


The WiFi was easy enough to connect to. Whilst it wasn’t too fast, it was perfectly usable.

Other Areas

In the lobby area, there was a pantry featuring a number of snacks and drinks.

There was a bar area in the lobby area.

AC Hotel Coslada Bar
AC Hotel Coslada Bar

Provided in the lobby upon check out was a Nespresso machine, offering free coffee.

AC Hotel Coslada Lobby
AC Hotel Coslada Lobby


The AC Hotel Coslada was very good for the money. There were a few areas in the room which were showing signs of wear and tear, but nothing too serious. I would say it’s on par with the Crowne Plaza which is located a few hundred metres up the road. At least now I have a second go-to hotel at Madrid airport if the Crowne Plaza isn’t an option!

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