Aberdeen: City Guide

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 British Airways Club Europe | Airbus A321neo | Heathrow – Aberdeen
➔ Courtyard, Aberdeen Airport
➔ Aberdeen: City Guide
➔ British Airways Club Europe | Airbus A319 | Aberdeen – Heathrow

One thing I will say before carrying on: This guide won’t be too long. Aberdeen itself isn’t quite as touristy as the likes of Edinburgh. As such, there isn’t that much in the way of attractions. The city is more functional than anything. However, you can still spend a few hours. 

Assuming that you are arriving into Aberdeen from the airport, the chance are you’ll be taking the regular bus to the city. If you are arriving by rail, it really doesn’t make too much difference. You are in the same part of the city. The bus station and the railway station are separated by the main shopping centre.

From here, I made the mile or so walk to the beach.

In this area, you’ll find a number of places to eat.

Aberdeen Beach

Spending an hour or so on the beach, watching the waves was far more appealing to me at this point however.

Aberdeen beach
Aberdeen beach

In the distance, I could see some grey looking clouds approaching. This was my cue to leave the area and head for the city – as there was a higher chance I would be able to find some shelter there should the heavens really open. 

Aberdeen beach

Heading back into the city, it becomes more obvious as to where the title of the Granite City comes from. 


On area that doesn’t involve looking at granite or shops however, is the Union Terrace Gardens. One of the few outdoor areas in the city centre itself. I made my way to this area, but was a little disappointed when I arrived. Turns out the area is undergoing redevelopment and therefore not accessible. 


So it was looking at some more granite buildings instead.


Therefore, not too long after, it was a slow walk back to the bus station. With a bout of sheltering in an undercover alleyway along the way when the rain really started to come down. 

Graffiti in Aberdeen

As I mentioned at the beginning of this piece, it wasn’t the most in depth look around the city!


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