2019: In Pictures

Whilst 2019 didn’t see me take quite as many trips as in previous years, I still managed 29.

In January, the year started out in Barcelona. This was followed by visits to Gibraltar, Venice and a night in Toulouse.

February saw me stay at home at the weekend for the first time since May 2017. It was just the one weekend however, as I then visited Africa for the first time. Surprisingly, Morocco was my one and only new country for 2019. At the end of the month came Istanbul and Madrid.

March saw visits to Lyon, Cluj-Napoca and Rome.

Just the two trips came in April 2019, taking in Belfast and Montreal over the easter weekend.

During May, I visited Cannes, had a relaxing weekend in Palma followed by that trip to Singapore. Oh, and between those trips, this website launched.

As such I was stuck in the UK for the next trip at the beginning of June – Manchester. Luckily, a new passport came through fairly quickly, so it was another visit to Madrid the following week. June 2019 ended with a short but sweet visit to Hamburg.

Come July, it was a weekend in Lisbon at the beginning of the month, followed by Milan at the end of the month.

August was a little quiet, with trips to Newcastle and Amsterdam. There was also a flight to Madrid and back in order to fly on the British Airways A350.

September was a little busier with a trip to the USA, along with a number of accompanying flights around Europe.

October 2019 was another quiet month. Just Toulouse in the middle of the month.

Things picked up again in November with another trip to the USA at the beginning of the month, followed by a night in Amsterdam before ending the month on the beach in Abu Dhabi.

Rounding out 2019, December consisted of Vilnius, before heading to Tokyo between Christmas and New Year, with stops in Copenhagen and Stockholm along the way.

In No Particular Order:

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