Having been into commercial aviation from before I can even remember, I decided to take my passion online in early 2012. Once firmly a two weeks abroad holiday type, from reading the trip reports on airliners.net I figured maybe I could take trips on a more frequent basis. First off was a pretty simple BA return to Frankfurt in March 2012 just to test the waters, and as that went well, I started booking more trips. That year saw me take 32 flights, which I though was pretty respectable considering the most I’d taken up to that year was 6 in a year!

Come 2013, and my trips became more elaborate. The first “major” trip I took was an ex EU flight flying from London-Paris, back to London-Washington-Chicago-Orlando-Atlanta-London. This was followed up a few weeks later by my first visit to Asia, flying London-Dubai-Bangkok-Phuket-Bangkok-Dubai-Muscat-Dubai-London.

During these trips, I was regularly posting written trip reports on airliners.net, although with the general decline of that forum, my enthusiasm for it went too, so I focused on YouTube videos instead, where despite not being the biggest channel out there, the popularity of my channel has far exceeded expectations.

These days, I regularly take over a hundred flights in a year, with my personal record coming in 2018 where I took 159. As of mid 2019, I’ve taken over 750 flights in total and have flown over three quarters of a million miles on board a hundred different airlines.

I’d imagine most will know me by my former online alias my-tripreport.com. As explained here, I never really liked that name so in 2019 I figured I’d rebrand!

But enough about me. What can you expect from this site? Well, I guess there’s no real roadmap as to what will be included here. I guess I will cover topics that will interest me and hopefully interest you too. In other words, don’t expect me to cover Chengdu Airlines taking delivery of their latest A320 – nothing against Chengdu Airlines or the A320, but being London based it’s not something that will cause too much interest to myself. But never say never! Unlike most other blogs, you won’t find me pushing credit cards, although there may well be a few sponsored posts on products I would personally use or a couple of adverts on the site – purely to cover the running costs. I’m not in this to make a living – I have a stable full time job, so this is purely a hobby to me. If I can make a few quid extra to pay for a hotel or airport parking, great, but if not – I’ll carry on self funding as I always have.

As such, not being a professional web designer, journalist or writer, there may well be a few things on this site that aren’t explained all that well, or a few grammatical errors here and there – or in the case of the mobile version of this site, the text areas are overlapping the background – believe me, I’ve tried to fix that but I’m yet to crack that!

So that’s a bit about me and this site – brief I know, as I’m not the best at speaking about myself! Hence why I rarely post selfies on social media or appear in any of my YouTube videos like so many others seem to these days.